22 April 2014

My Tea of Poetry

"I am thankful for all of those who said no to me . It's because of them I am doing it myself."  ~ Albert Einstein 

In a kettle of life
pour enough water of 
add spoonfuls sugar of
followed by tea leaves of
Pour fair milk of
then stir the contents
with the ladle of
Hard Work.
Finally heat the mixture
with the fire of
until it boils
until the vapour of 
Ignorance rises up
until the foam of
Arrogance disappears
until the kettle baths in
heat energy of
When it is ready
get prepared with the
teacup of Patience,
then pour the tea of Success
drink as much as you can,
let your mouth of lie 
fills with the truth,
mind of hatred to love
heart of malevolence to Benevolence
blood of revenge to Magnanimous
and meaningless to meaningful life.
It's true that
you will have
the greatest fulfilment.

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