10 April 2014

Have Little Brittle Kindness to Show

"What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others."  ~ Confucius

If you feel, you have a soul
save them,
save those faultless souls,
save those flawless 
victims of unnatural death.
Save those living hearts
dying hungrily, yearning for life
those dying out of pain, unholy pain.
Have mercy on them.
Have clemency on them.
Have little brittle kindness to show
and lovely love to follow.
Respect their (your) rights
Join for their (your) fights.
Listen to their innocence,
Hear their train of patience.
For you have no rights to live their life.
For one equals one, you equals them.
God created whole
for one and all,
enough to fill our  needs
but not for our  haughty greeds
those shatter down to drain.
If you feel, you have a soul
feel their untold feelings,
suffer their untold sufferings.
Taste with their tongues,
See through their eyes.
Take time to think thoughtful thoughts
for once done is done and gone is gone.

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