23 August 2016


Psychology is the study of mind and the laws governing how mind works. And in Bhutan’s Education system, if we can add at least a drop of Psychology, it’s absolutely likely to be sure that there will be the greatest life-affirming impact on both: the education system and the nation builders.

The future of the nation solely depends upon the capabilities and abilities of today’s youth, capabilities and abilities of today’s youth solely depends upon what they learn and what they are being taught in schools, colleges and of course universities. So the all-important point here is the quality of education system of the nation must be strengthened and prioritized for it’s the mother of our youth’s prowess.

What do we study in schools? What do we learn from colleges? We study Mathematics and Sciences. History and Geography. Languages and Economics. Information Communication Technology. Various co-curricular activities. Disciplinary know-how. All other subjects. And so on and so forth.

What we don’t really study is Psychology? What we don’t really study is the subject of how our mind really works and functions and the laws governing the universe of our own mind. To lead others, you must lead yourself first. Similarly to study other subjects, first you must study the subject that studies other subjects. First, you must completely know how your mind works and the very basic law that unlocks miracles of our own mind.

History says that the mind is door to everything unless you know the very basic ins and outs vis-à-vis our mind. All of us on this universe can have what we desire. All of us can turn our imagination into reality. All of us can either do or die base on one’s willingness of mind. So the leading say here is when our own mind can do everything, when our mind has universe’s greatest power, why don’t we incorporate its study in today’s education system as usual like other subjects?

All we want is our youth to be much productive and for that Emerson quoth that a man is what he thinks about all day long. So it’s extremely overarching that we shape and enhance the way our youth think and for that we got to teach them about our mind and its laws because mind is where inexhaustible thinking originates. Only through this we will be able to realize the full potential of our youths. As cited by Theodore Roosevelt “Believe you can and you’re halfway there” may I borrow his words and say: Teach our youth about our mind and we’re halfway to get best of our youth and for the nation.

Majority of us walk one’s life loaded with a deluge of doubts confined within the shell of ignorance of who we’re and what we can do. That’s exactly why R. Buckminster Fuller explains boldly: Everyone is born a genius, but the process of living de-geniuses them. When a child is born, a genius is born. A child is born with an aptitude-ability to pursue everything but as child grows up and joins mankind, suggestions and opinions given by the surrounding society subdue a child’s innate ability. And by the time s/he has grown up, unsuitable suggestions have got saturated in such a way that s/she will began to have excuses and alibis.
But what if we teach them of our mind from the day of their enrollment in school little by little, step by step just like how we teach them alphabets. Just like learning alphabets, they’ll also get to learn about our mind and its nature. In this way they will get to know much about the mind and thus they’ll be able to completely shape their thinking and that’s exactly what we really want. That’s the purpose of life.

Why some are poor in mathematics while others can do? Why some play football well while others don’t? Why disabled ones do better than normal people in many ways? Why do you feel nervous and apprehensive maybe before your speech at large gathering? Why you’re in dilemma filled with doubts when opportunity welcomes you? Why you feel you can’t when the whole world confirms that you can? And why can’t you when you really can?

Those are all just the matter of how our minds have been trained. He knows mathematics because his mind has been trained in that way. And other doesn’t because other’s mind was trained in that doesn’t know way. We feel nervous before a speech because we’ve got used to it because we were trained in that way. We feel we can’t because we’ve been training our mind in such a way that now we feel good saying we can’t when we don’t really feel good. That’s too nasty to be accepted in this challenging world. We got to know our minds. We got to train our minds.

As said by Ayn Rand, “We are born into this world unarmed – our mind is our only weapon,” so to fight the world and win victory, it’s all-important that foundation of victory lies upon how well we know of our only weapon: Mind. Besides, how well we train it and tune to the rhythm of success. For that school as a learning center for young fertile minds play epoch-making and far-reaching role to train fertile minds for the growth of enthusiasm of optimism. And a basic subject of Psychology in modern education system can boost its quality and the normal days of schooling can be reduced to less than half.

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