19 November 2014

My Mermaid Love

"The best proof of love is trust." ~ Joyce Brothers

I shall come to see you when the sun flies
And reach there before the dawn dies.
Through abuzz waves, to you, I shall sail
with a bouquet in my one hand never to fail
and with an emerald ring in my other
for surely we shall love one another.
The stormy storm may deadly thunder,
and windy wind may dearly blunder.
Feel frightened not, feel afraid never
for I shall be your superhero forever.
Ask me to pluck the stars from afar
I shall fly high and nigh to the star
And get you a buttercup and bluebell
then you will realize through its smell.
I shall come to see you when the sun sets
And reach there before the dusky dusk bets.
Through the breeze I will listen to your voice
and through sun's last ray will I merrily rejoice.
Wait for me, wish for me, yearn for me
by the shore of your picture-postcard sea.
When I reach there, you shall happily see
My Mermaid Love for you, with glee.


  1. wow..nice love poem bro..love it!

  2. Beautiful ... Truly ������

  3. What a wonderful romantic poem. Your angel will be easily convinced by reading your poem. Love to read more from you sir.