23 October 2014

His Reprehensible Behavior's Dilemmna

"Behavior is the mirror, in which everyone shows their image." ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Wake up! Karma, the time has ripened," his mother yells from the kitchen, "don't you want to go to school, your friends have already gone." Gradually, an indolent, lazy, drowsy, 18 year-old Karma, reluctantly rises from his cozy bed. Yawns a couple of times, rubbing his eyes sleepily and with zero enthusiasm sinks nearby chair, idly.

"Karma? Are you there?" a gravelly voice comes from the sitting room. 'Father' Karma thinks, within a split of seconds beetles towards the bathroom. He brushes his teeth, waters his face and bristles his hair. Within no time, he gets with his school uniform. Since, he is the only child, he is only their babe. His mummy loves him much and his daddy too but, he is little strict who drives his life as an electrical engineer.

"Mummy, I guess I will be late, I am going to school," and before her words, he disappears. Uncomfortably, she sits opposite to him intoning, "Karma has gone without his breakfast." The father frowns, "We got to better him, or else he will get spoiled," picks up his cup of tea and sips, "and you got to stop pampering him," nodding. She dissolves into silence. He walks towards the briefcase, turns to her, mouthing, "Okay, darling I am leaving," smilingly kissing her, he goes. This has been their adoring goodbye that always made their relationship peace-loving. When he is gone, she ponders.

It is almost 10:00 and Karma is late. "May I come in sir," Karma pants. It has been a usual show for the class. A tender-hearted teacher, who is busy taking the attendance pauses. Averts at Karma and then replies, "Come in Karma, you are late," not wanting to waste his class, requests him, "next time come on time." 

"Can I have your homework," the teacher beseeches. "Homework?" Karma babbles to his seat mate. He has not done the home works because the day before he was busy in his PlayStation and loitering with his unprincipled friends. The teacher examines one by one while Karma is in bugbear. 'What should I answer, if he questions me,' Karma thinks acrimoniously. Then with little silly thoughts, he makes up with his mind to tell a lie.

Chronologically, the teacher reaches him and inquires, "Karma, show me your homework?" At first he remains silent with disinclination with bowed head. Again, the teacher repeats, "Karma, you got to answer my homework," anew he bespeaks no words. Now, the teacher encourages him, "just tell me about it and everything is gonna be alright," he pace towards the board and comforts him, "Karma, just tell me whether you have done it or not, you see there are also other friends who have not done the home work."

With much repetition, Karma slowly raises his head and lies innocently, "I have done it but I have left it home," Karma lies because it has been many times that he didn't do his homework and today, to foil himself from embarrassment, he thinks it is an exceptional way to fool his teachers and friends. Once upon a time Karma was an award-winning eager beaver who excelled in studies and discipline. But he has been no a good student since he was bastardized by his incorrigible friends and after the time he knew that he was a pampered babe of his parents.

Now he uses drugs, narcotic and intoxicants. Now he goes to shooting gallery and uses pill-popping. He is no more a true Karma. He has changed and everything has worsened for him.

Then the teacher steps towards his table and sinks on his chair in all seriousness. Now the tender-hearted teacher has metamorphosed into broken-hearted teacher. He already knew Karma's thoughts. Who would believe such an unpleasantness? Not wanting to be harsh, with little thought, he makes up his mind, while Karma thinks he is relieved.

But who (teachers) would love to spare the one (students) for one's (Student's') own benefits when the one (students) deceives you?

Then the teacher walks towards Karma and repeats his lies, "You have done the homework and you have left home?" Karma swallows hard, "Ye-ye-yes sir." The teacher smiles an artificial smile and observes confidently, "Okay then, let's go to your home and dig the truth, I am sure by the time we reach your home, your lies will have already got decayed." Karma is in dilemma. He doesn't know about his teacher's surety. The teacher tells him to wait for half an hour for he has got to ask the permission from the principal.

Now, Karma has got only half an hour, he gazes through the window and thinks thoughtfully.
(Continued in... Which Wacky Way?)

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