26 August 2014

Missing You

"Maturity is the capacity to endure uncertainty." ~ John Finley

Staying without meeting you
is unbearable mom.
Please let us do something 
and have the time of togetherness,
because you know mom
Life, I mean our relationship of present
is full of uncertainty and emptiness.
So being apart for longer time
makes my heart little melancholy
thinking, unknown feelings of uncertainty.
Staying without meeting you
is unbearable dad.
Please let us come together 
and have the time of gathering,
because you know dad
Faith, I mean our faiths are unseen
we are blind to our faiths.
Death is definite and birth is indefinite
the time of death is also indefinite
anything can happen anywhere any time.

Please my dearest mom and dad,
Always try giving yourself THE BEST.

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