17 April 2014

Who is Rich? Who is Poor?

"Both poverty and riches are the offspring of thoughts." ~Napoleon Hill

Everybody is rich...
Everybody is born rich enough to head ahead towards the main purpose of any attainment in life. The only difference between ordinary rich and ordinary poor is the way of living by thinking. Our thoughts create us because "Mind is the creature of habit, it thrives upon the dominating thoughts fed it" as said by Napoleon Hill in his Think and Grow Rich.

Hill explains that both poverty and riches are the children of thoughts. If you think poverty you become poor and on the other side if you choose riches, abundance of riches will automatically be flowing, following you. It is as saying as what Eleanor Roosevelt had said, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." May I borrow his words and say, no one can make you poor without your consent. If we are to believe in Hill's statement, it is very true that we are neglecting the ordinary meaning of riches and poverty in terms of external property-possessions. Every individual has its own rights to choose to be or not to be because it has its own mind to think thoughts: poverty thoughts or  riches thoughts.

My definition for poverty would be nil-null because I know that nobody is born poor and I unbelievably believe that everybody is born rich, rich that has an ability to erase poverty. If you think through the mind of tough optimist and feel through the heart of rough idealist, then it is pretty sure that you might make your mind and it would be very encouraging, in fact inspiring to know that all and others are born rich.You just feel yourself wholeheartedly, the substances gifted to you. You have your own beautiful life to drive, you have your own soft heart to feel, tough-rough mind to think, perfectly designed two ears to listen soothing, relaxing sounds, two fantastic egg-shaped eyes to see the beauty,read my article and two statuesque legs to take your way and so on and so forth and so many. When you have these idolized and prized treasured-gifts would you consider yourself as poor and keep hating yourself ? Would you simply feel low that drags you down to hell ? This is not going to work at all in this modern world of globalization.

The great people who walked and shaped this earth were able to do so, because they counted riches in terms of values: natural gifts unlike us in property-possessions, they already knew the truth-of-thinking-thoughts and they did greatness without any expensive possessions limited only by the power of mind: thinking thoughts. The well-known leader Mahatma Gandhi didn't even owned his own needs but he managed to guide his thoughts and rose to greater heights. Sir Albert Einstein rose to the greatest heights despite the poverty and so many we will discover that poverty has nothing to do with greatness unless one appreciates its own abilities .

I have seen so many people at so many places at many times being discouraged by the malicious-power of poverty and yes how powerful it is if one is being sweep away by its power. But there isn't anything to be given up because we too have our natural power to stop anything that discourage us and pulls us down to drain. All we need to do is to invariably think good and positive thoughts.

Being from a poor family background, I too had a bitter experiences of becoming the victim of poverty-fearing and you know everything goes gloomy as darkness. I felt very low. Hopelessness filled me. Did not feel my importance and presence. I was constantly haunted by the notion that the grass was always greener on the other side and everything became miserable. But if we think thoughtfully, they all were my thoughts- negative thoughts those made me feel uneasily miserable. If I had think positive thoughts, my life would have been more fascinating and beautiful.
I am happy that now I can guide my life through my thoughts because my thoughts have become my life and this has been my guiding principle. Always have positive thoughts to guide your life long happiness.

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