6 April 2014

Bhutanese Student Association (BSA) Celebration, Hyderabad.

"Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is success."  ~ Henry Ford

Let's celebrate together...
I take time to dress up myself for the BSA Celebration while Yonten takes his own time to take.
“Yonten, last time you have bought party dress, it will surely suit you this time,” I smile looking at him, eagerly waiting for him to hurriedly wear.

He stares at me, reflects my smile, and then replies, “Ah! No. I am not going to wear.”

“Man, this is golden opportunity for your golden dress to be displayed in you to the crowd especially to those beautiful girls, wear it.”I encourage him.

Then silence takes its time for few minutes.

“Your dress might be unhappy and dying out of suffocation, as you have locked it since you bought, very long ago,” I joke with him as usual.

He takes no time to reply me. Finally, he is done with the dress of his own choice but not his party dress. He gels his hair and makes several observations in the mirror, maybe trying to make perfect. I call Aau Chey Chey for her to come and knew Kinley Zam is coming to pick us up, through her. It’s almost four forty four after noon that Yonten and I are waiting for Aau Chey Chey to come. Once again I make a call and she replies us to wait. After waiting for few several minutes she turns up, newly dressed in her party dress with high heels in her hand. Nowadays girls put high heels in the hands instead of feet, Is it a fashion? I think.

“Wear your high heels, why you are carrying it?” I question her.

She replies, “No. I can’t wear it just now, otherwise I will fall down. I will wear when I reach there.” Hmm…I think.

We get out. I lock the door thoughtfully. Thoughtfully, because few days ago, while going to college in a very haste, though I locked the door, when I thought about it I wasn't sure if I had locked it or not. For the whole class I wasn't able to concentrate, thinking about it and fearing the consequences if I had not locked it. So constantly keep in mind, never be in haste in everything. Take time to take it.

We make several steps to the main road and wait there. The road is very much congested with vehicles and crowded too. The people are very busy driving their life and vehicle in haste. It is noisy and the weather is very hot, the temperature is roughly hotter. I had a good time waiting for the vehicle and watching the passer-by. Life obviously is uncertain but it is systematically arranged. There are innumerable beings in this world and from that our meeting is also that part of systematic arrangement. Spread smiles to the one you meet and feel good because we may never meet again. We look here and there for the vehicle. After, several minutes the vehicle comes while Kinley Zam guides the driver pointing to us. We exchange several words and get it. Then head towards Himayat Nagar for further group of friends. The driver drives smoothly playing his favourite songs.

Within ten minutes we reach there, I can see Pema Tenzin waiting for us. Kinley Zam goes to call her other friends. Again we wait for several minutes. I wonder why those girls take so much time to come. Suitably, Aau Chey Chey explains, “I prepared for the party for nearly two hours and girls need long time preparation, especially while going for party like now unlike boys. We need to dress perfectly, practice diligently and act beautifully.” Not wanting to talk more I reply smile and get dissolve in silence.

Finally, four prettily dressed, pretty ladies come their way: Tandin Dema, Tshering Peldon, Karma and Yangzom, smiling and proudly talking about their dresses and hairstyles as if to say, “Now we are here after long great preparation and how beautiful we are. Aren’t we?” I am tired of waiting I think, looking at Yonten I can see his sleepy eyes waiting for the right time. The dusk has arrived and it’s almost five forty five. Within no time we start our journey towards celebrity club for grand celebration. The road is as usual filled with vehicles: huge and dwarf.

The driver plays his charming songs and it is really true what I have read an article titled “Music as Therapy” by Dr. Krishnamoorthy Srinivas and Dr. N Subbalaskshmi, few hours ago in Nizam College’s English text book in which Plato observes, “Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to imagination, charm to sadness, gaiety and life to everything. It is the essence of order and leads to all that is good, just and beautiful.” The moment he starts playing the music I really feel relaxed and refreshed. My heart would beautifully follow the rhythm of the music. Even Napoleon Hill puts Music in fourth position in the ‘The Ten Stimuli of the Mind.’ I do really love listening to music and enjoying its beauty, it always drives away my exhaustion and brings peaceable peace.

The driver cannot drive beyond 40 Km/h because the road is crowded and I know it’s going to take nearly two hours to reach there and “by the time we reach there we will be fully exhausted and our hairstyles will all be gone” Yangzom notes touching her neatly tied coloured hair. Karma supports her through smiles and laughs. They talk all about their styles especially about Tshering Peldon’s creatively woven hairstyle encouraging her to say, “Today if I am to snap photo I will turn around, show by back and snap photo,” indirectly praising her own hairstyle. Tandin Dema takes time to talk about her hairstyle saying, “I am not sure, if my hairstyle is fine,” by showing her hairstyle to all of us. Aau Chey Chey has made curly hairstyle and it is fine with her. Kinley Zam has made simple, beautifully woven hairstyle. Yonten has already done with his hairstyle with newly bought gel. We all talk about the party that will be happening after few hours, sometimes cracking jokes in between to fill the gaps but we never give time for silence, which suits me. We make a call to our friends and enquire about the hall. Finally, we reach there.

We park our vehicle at the parking area. We walk few steps along the path. Away from city, it is silent and suitable here, especially to a silent-loving person like me. I can really feel the taste of the nature. High and huge trees lay along the way, decorated bushes and neatly shaped shrubs stand picturesquely, welcoming every guest wholeheartedly. I feel great and glad to be here at this very moment and wish to be here in silent place ever. After neighbourly two hundred steps we reach to the entrance to the main hall. I can see the hall glistening and glowing in beautiful street lights. Up in the infinite sky, crescent shaped moon glimmers while twinkling stars keep twinkling. With much enthusiasm and energy I walk ahead, towards the hall curiously yearning for the very moment. Within few minutes we reach there and with giant smiles Thinley Penjor (Vice-President) wishes us a hearty welcome. Thank you so much.

No sooner did the program begin than we reach there. Wow! The hall is heavenly designed, indeed a heaven. Everything is gorgeously in systemization. Maybe it is Sir God’s residence but not for us. The hall is beautifully decorated and the stage is ready, the music system starts its journey, our national flag hangs from high and my heart bow towards it, committing and dedicating myself for selfless services for the well-being of the nation. We sink on the respective chairs readily waiting for the happy beginning.
With prettily dressed pretty ladies
The BSA president Mr. Pelden Drukpa holds the microphone and begins with his welcome speech for few minutes. I really have great time listening to his spellbinding speech. You know, I really love listening and this too is my passion, listening to everything, everyone, because "I like to listen. I have learnt a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen" as noted by Ernest Hemingway. Then we have nomination and voting for the upcoming energetic executive members, we take time to have thoughts and vote our choices. Happy Congratulations! To all who deserve: President: Mr. Langa Tenzin, Vice President: Mr. Chimi, Miss. Deki and Treasurer: Mr. Thinley Penjor. Big applauses follow them for their new positions. Finally, the dance program begins. I feel scintillating and spicy watching various programs performed by rip-roaring singers and roaring dancers. To regain my alertness, I participate in balloon dance, where a couple holds balloon between the foreheads and dance, though I do not stay long I really have fun time getting in the moment and relishing its feelings.

By nine nine, the programs come to end and its dinner. A column of dishes lay on the tables and we, with a plate and spoon and fork, take time to move along the dishes picking up the contents we prefer. The man is ready to put fish on my plate, I thank him with a word vegetarian, he smiles, I move my way. The music goes on as we eat our dinner to our full might. I can feel everybody enjoying the dinner. I feel good feelings to be here among friends, brothers and sisters because every time we gather together, our relationships tighten and we become closer and friendlier. We get to know more about our surroundings, ourselves.

After dinner, some prefer dancing while some keep watching and others go their own ways. I come out of the hall and enjoy the night scene of the place: silence and simplicity. I do really love both of them and I live silence and simplicity. I would prefer these two to everything else and they are my little guiding principle those have been taking and waking my dreams. Snap some photos with those stylish pretty ladies and move my way. I really have great time making conversation with new friends and in fact feeling glad to know brother  Jigme Gyeltshen who is a law student at Nalsar University of Law and who is also from my village. We have happy meeting and merry talking. I already knew I have come here not only to have my presence in the celebration but to meet new people and know more people: fascinating part of Life. Having conversation with Penden sir, he expounds about the adversities and difficulties faced by the members during the celebration but the experiences are worth a inspiration because "We have to experience all the bad times to be able to appreciate all the good times."

By eleven, the enjoyable celebration gets over. We return to mini-bus for home. My eyes are weary and I feel sleepy but the night silent scene always suits me. Within not more than ten minutes we get ready for another, practically one hour journey and after ten seconds we start our journey. On our way we sing numbers of songs whole with our bodies and souls and I watch the the beautiful night scenes pass by. I feel the cool breeze and warmth of the moon. 

The time goes on and life keeps on.


  1. A beautiful description of a beautiful gathering. Loved going through it. Totally loved the line "The people are very busy driving their life and vehicle in haste." And yes, the girls takes more time getting ready compared to the guys and also they can't wear high heels for a longer time because our feet starts aching then. You seem to like silent, nature filled places. In that case you should come visit our college someday, when you have time. I assure you, you will like it. Anyway, keep blogging! Take care!

    1. Thank you so much for your inspiring and encouraging comment and for the lesson too, it really is heartening. Yeah, someday if the time permits I am hoping to visit 'silent-nature-filled-place'as your college (as you have mentioned). Once again thank you for taking your cardinal time to visit my 'everyday life'. Good Luck Ahead. Take care too.

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