31 March 2014

Be Trusting to Yourself

"As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live." ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

You are born with your own presence
and grown with your own time.
You have your own aptitude
to reach your planned destination
with full zeal and zest, zealously.
All you should know is,
to know that you are the gift of god.
You play such a nice role
in shaping this earth for the betterment
And therefore, never think all of yours in a vain
Because, you are unique in your own ways
And there is never a better you than you.
We can’t find you named YOU,
Even if our footprints spread all over
even if the sun's ray's searching is on
and air everywhere will miss you.

So trust yourself always
constantly do the best you can.
If you lie to others
reckon that you are lying to yourself
If you do the unseen wrong
Have faith and forgive  yourself.
Trusting yourself for the best 
is what you must do
to keep you high and nigh to success
If you trust yourself, wholeheartedly, 
Your presence bounces to produce sound
The sound that is so charming soothingly
Your presence blossoms beautifully,
your life becomes meaningful
and never will darkness appear.
Then only, by and by,
you become the true man of your own destiny,
Friends and mates, my dears
be always, be trusting to yourself 
God will surely appreciate your being.

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