10 March 2014

Life is unfair but the God is there

"Life is unfair. But that's no reason to give up on it."  ~ Anonymous

Listen to my breath...
I am happy with 'what I am' and 'what I have' but I am unhappy with 'what others are' and 'what others don't have'. Taking my unstoppable journey of life and experiencing either sides of its path bring feelings in me, feelings of both melancholy and geniality. That's why I know the reason of defining life as 'ups and downs' or 'flower and shower' or sometimes 'high and low'.

Behind this door of life, there is a little truth, a gloomy truth, a truth of crestfallenness that : Life is Unfair but the God is there. I am neither an expertise nor  a specialist like Dr. Robert H Schuller who has mentioned so many things and so many truths in his inspiring book: Life is not fair but the god is good, but I am pretty sure with confidence that everyday experiences teach me his truth. I learn through my life that's why I live learner's soul and I share through my writings that's why I live writer's heart.
Few days ago, while returning form my college, as usual I walked some distances to the bus stand. On the way I met with many, let me use the word 'receivers' instead of 'beggars' asking for anything that could quench their thirst and fill their hunger. They way they asked really touched the depth of my heart. First they
touched their stomach, then took hands to the mouth and finally asked to the giver. If I were to explain, it simply means that they are hungry, didn't eat meals for days and if we can at least help or if I were to explain its deep meaning, it means they are measuring the content of kindness and benevolence in us.

I am not the giver in terms of wealth or money or neither I am rich but I trust in my beloved heart that I have empathy, that encouraging empathy growing in me. I could not give much because I am also just like one of them, a receiver but I cannot stop myself from giving because for me, giving to others means more than receiving. Life's purpose for me is benevolence,  nothing more or less than that.

Several months ago, we didn't buy anything for the Happy Losar, by the time we decided it was almost a night. Not getting dissolved in laziness, I and Pema, a friend of mine, we went to do few shopping. The world outside was busy as usual as it was  forced to be. We walked for some distances to get pork but please kindly have patience to be known that I am vegetarian- inborn vegetarian. The scene was normal; crowded highways, filled pavements, noisy air, mousy stalls and so on.I wondered when they go for quiet night for peaceful sleep and restful time.

We went and bought half kilogram of pork and did some other shopping. Within no time we were returning home. On the way I was totally mesmerized  by a forlorn and homeless man, sleeping along the road. When I stared at him, he was there sleeping with a blanket on hard and harsh floor, beside him a dirty half-filled water bottle stood still. His long untidy hair covering his face, I knew it provided him warmth.

What is this Dear God? I felt I was asking to myself and I knew I was asking to myself. So many many thoughts were wandering in my mind and so many questions: Who is he? Doesn't he have families? relatives? Children? Doesn't he have home? How did he come to this stage? And my final question that I spoke to my self was doesn't he have goals, hopes and dreams? What is this Dear God? Hundred of thousand of people have been walking along this way and they have seen him but was there a single being who took time either to check him or say hi! hello! to him or to feel the same I did? 

The world is that much busy, that much busy that we forget all the things we must possess and process along our journey. It would have been better if he has been born with basic necessities; home, food and shelter because there are so many like him who suffer untold sufferings and at the same time there are so many unlike him, so many rich and greeds who enjoy life's journey beyond the horizon. I wish I could replace his harsh bed of floor with bouncing mattress, his half-filled bottle of dirty water with fulfilled dreams of thirst, his old torn clothes with new one and his empty mind by enthusiasm. I desire to replace it and I already knew I can.
You know life is always unfair but we cannot blamed the creator: Sir God, because first he has created you and second he gave life to you. So there is no point at all. For someone who is poor must thank god for his life, for someone who doesn't have slipper must thank god for his bear foot as said,"I cried because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet."  For someone who doesn't have foot or feet must thank god for other possessed components and so on and so forth.

We have forgotten who we are and we have been losing this identity of human values. We rarely make time to think wisely about our invaluable values. We say the world is developing if you were given a chance to think thoughtfully, Is this world really progressing? Or else regressing?

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