1 October 2014

My Leafy Autumnal Season

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower." ~ Albert Camus

The autumnal colours have alluringly shown,
Let's appear to harvest the seeds we have sown.
Leaves splendidly glitter in golden rays,
We must reap and be away from delays
Because time slides gracefully as eagle glides,
And we must be as quick as fox before it rides.
The earth is colourfully painted in seasonal hues,
Bespeaking the  hiss and bliss as its clues
Where vernal leaves leisurely fall from high
And we shall have carpet fitted on earth so nigh.
Walk among the balm leaves and visit woods,
For it shall surely be your becoming hoods.
Hike among tallish and shortish trees
For you shall purely hear its whisper thru breeze.
I Love You Autumn, At Bottom.


  1. Wow autumn has brought poetry in you. I love your poem bro not to mention excellent rhyme scheme you have used. Would be great for recitation. Anyway enjoy the beauty if this season. Takecare

    1. :) Thank you Sherab Sir for you inspiring comment, I am going to cherish it. You too have huge autumn with your beloved family members and doting friends. Hope everything is going well everyday. Take Care.