30 September 2014

A Wo/man's Life in 3 Pictures

"At the end of your life, you will never regret not having passed one more test, not winning one more verdict or not closing one more deal. You will regret time not spent with a husband, a friend, a child, or a parent." ~ Barbara Bush

Few days ago, I came across this picture in my face book home page from Laughing Colors Page. It’s really humorous and amazing. I absolutely wondered about this with jollification. If it is true then I would prefer to overstay single rather than getting married followed by divorced  lol. Especially, for man it is worsening compared to woman if we eyeball at the given picture.

The picture displays the story of each phase of life of a man and woman.

Here are my assumption and presumption regarding the pictures numbered from 1 to 6;

A Woman’s Life;
1. Single; she lives a fancy-free life. She seems happy, young, beauteous, arresting and blossoming without much angst. Manifestly single is a fancy-free life where she can do all the things. Life is beautiful because she gets to live blissfully with her dear beloved parents. She is a sweet babe for her parents.

2. Married; she lives in her brooding presence. She seems burdensome with her family to care and rear. Sometimes with little arrogance she can berate her other better half when the things turn awkwardly.

3. Divorce; she lives an innocent and guiltless life. If we study the above picture, it seems that she is wearing costly maroon bobble hat and deluxe jewelry which indicates she is rich  ( I guess her ex-husband offered her with huge fortune) . Observe the way she is looking, so innocent and  blameless. I am not sure how far it is true.

A Man’s life;
4. Single; he lives in freewheeling life. He seems boisterous, bouncing, fierce, irrepressible and supercharged. Obviously, this stage is the best for the man where they can do anything. Indeed, he is independent in terms of freedom.

5. Married; he lives piteous life. I am sure he is a tender-hearted husband. His cloth is torn and broken due to his complete love for his family in which he doesn't care much for himself. He is going for a day work. 

6. Divorced; he lives heartrending life. Just observe the above picture, he is buck naked. I am sure that his ex-wife might have taken all the wealth and even treasure trove. I am feeling so pitiable and sorry for him. His ex-wife must be in guiltiness for stripping off his clothes. Even if you have taken wealth you should have at least left him with clothing uh-huh! Now see his condition.

Moral of the picture; Dear Woman, if you happen to get divorced please kindly have patience to at least leave your ex-husband with some clothing unlike above picture or else we have to hide among green grasses as shown above.

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