11 November 2014

A Tribute to His Majesty on His Birthday

"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way." ~ John C. Maxwell

Happy Bright Birthday To Your Majestic Majesty

Our superb superhero you live in every living heart
Your feisty-fervent idea of GNH is our works of art,
Like a doughty-dauntless lion you extraordinarily are
Who determinedly roars for a roaring star that is far,
For the well-being, wellness of his patriotic citizen
For the blithe welfare of his open-hearted denizen.

Our beloved knight errant you earn our true adulation
For your huge idea of benevolence for this nice nation,
Like a hopeful ship, you are in the stormy shadowy night
Who fight and fight and fought like a ballsy gutsy knight,
For the merry delectation of his nationalistic citizen
For the happy exaltation of his tender-hearted denizen.

Our dauntless selfless warrior you deserve our praise
For your love and care for the citizens those you raise,
Like an egalitarian just sun you profoundly always are
Who lovingly spread its wings of rays through its stare,
For the honest-to-goodness health of his trusty citizen
For the just-in-time wealth of his warm-hearted denizen.

Our dear almighty god you live in the heart of every being
For gloomy prison we live, you have always been freeing,
Like those lily-white plants, you are in this beautiful earth
Who selflessly zealously yield in bounty, never in a dearth,
For an aesthetic fruitfulness of his  trustworthy citizen
For an abiding happiness of his big-hearted denizen.

What on earth can we expect more than your presence?
Who wholeheartedly do his best for the dark clearance,
Blissful and blessed are we, to you who heartily devote,
You light and delight our hearts, for Elysium you denote.
Happiness and fruitfulness, we will always have, to cherish
And like those spring's millions of flowers, it won't perish.

Bhutan, The Land of Thunder Dragon, has been blessed and sanctified for eons by its dynamic leaders through words and deeds. We, the Bhutanese are happily fortunate to be born in this little big peaceable heavenly nation for we fiendishly get to experience helluva quietude for now, ever.

Today, 11th November, as the nation celebrates 59th Birth Anniversary of His Majesty Fourth King Jigme Singye Wangchuck, The King of Bhutan, The Father of Gross National Happiness (GNH), we pray for your sound health, eternal happiness and long life for all times to come. May the Almighty God bless you with all its mighty might for, today, always, for eternity.

On this day, on this unwonted day we shall wholeheartedly, enthusiastically bow to you with our promising commitments to serve the nation through speech, body and mind. We shall heartily cooperate for the well-being and happiness of the nation by hook or by crook.

Storm may thunder and wind may blunder, but our living hearts shall always come for togetherness and fruitfulness without losing hope. We shall spread our wings of hope and fly together towards the horizon where plenty of happiness lie there waiting for all of us.

PS 11th November is a national holiday and the day is celebrated as children's day too across the nation with constancy and dedication. I still madly miss my school day celebration of His Majesty's Birthday. I am glad to feel that the Facebook posts and Bhutanese blogs are all clothed in His Majesty's photos and wishes.