14 November 2014

Which Wacky Way?

"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth." ~ Buddha

...Karma has got only half an hour, he gazes through the window and thinks thoughtfully. (Continuation of His Reprehensible Behaviour's Dilemma)
Karma isn't really sure about his teacher's words. Sometimes he thinks he is lying and on the other hand if it turns out to be true, then he has to face the most shameful battle ever. He has become a dry twig blown hither and thither by the waves of sea. But, it isn't too late for him if he tells the truth. The sun is here, and moon there, now only left with his truth to be revealed.

Now Karma uses this half an hour to think introspectively, calculating both suitable and unsuitable results of his decision;

After half an hour the teacher comes, "Karma, let's go, I have got the consent from Principal." Karma reluctantly accompanies with the teacher. At this instant moment, there are many things, circulating in Karma's mind. What should he tell to his parents? What about his homework? What about his parents? What they will think? And finally why he had not told the truth?

Within few minutes, they reach his home and there his mother comes wishing to the teacher, ''Good Health Teacher, how have you been here?" The teacher echoes, "Good Health to you, I am just here to check your son's homework." "My son's homework?" The mother questions at herself, gaping at Karma. Then she turns to him and questions, "What about your homework? Yesterday you....." Before she finishes, the teacher buttonholes, "Karma told me that he has done the homework but has left the book at home, so I am here to check it. It has been his third time."

"Okay, so this is his story." The mother replies, glaring at her son, and continues, "Karma, please go inside and bring me your homework." But Karma doesn't move. He stands still, his head bowed, his fingers criss-crossed.

"Karma, are you here?" His mother beseeches, "What's the problem? Go inside and show your homework to your teacher, if not for me." Again the same. This time his mother paces towards him. Raises his chin and asks again, "What's your problem? Are you sick?" Karma murmurs, "No." "Then tell me." Finally, Karma is here to tell the truth because he has left no alternative apart from this. No sooner does he tell the truth, he runs inside the house, due the result of his lie's guilt.

His mother is flabbergasted. His teacher expected this. She cannot show her face to the teacher, giving an uneasy smile and the teacher reflects. Who (parents) would feel comfortable when one's child shows nasty behavior to the teacher on the spot?

"I already knew this and that's why I did." The teacher puts, "we must mould him or else he will be wounded." Not wanting to speak more, already frozen by her son't guilt, she requests, "I am sorry for the trouble my son brought to you, please come inside and have a cup of tea." "Just now, I have classes and will come next time as time suits. I would love to talk to you about him. Then see you next time." With these words, the teacher leaves.

Now the mother is completely lost in contemplation. Her heart clothed in agitation. Her mind cloaked in consternation. She decides to talk to her husband for the goodness of their only beloved son.

During the evening meal, Karma gets scolding and bollocking from his father. He is given to understand that telling untruth to his teacher is an abysmal sin, the worst thing ever. Karma listens obediently to his father as he should and promises himself to live up to his parents' expectation.

Though he changes, there is a scar of guilt that activates the feeling of uneasiness that always haunt his parents.

On the other hand, as soon as the teacher leaves, Karma feels the truth of truth that lies shall never survive cause one day or another, it shall be revealed naturally as true as sun rises from east and sets in west. He becomes determined and driven, to owe an apology to his teacher and to tell the truth. Within no time, he follows his teacher who is heading towards the Principal's office.

Before the teacher enters, Karma stands boldly in his teacher's eyes begging apologies, "Dear Sir, I am sorry for what I have done and said to you. I told a lie to you about my homework. The truth is I didn't do my work. I am so sorry for my indiscipline. I promise you that I will behave well henceforth as I should. I would be grateful, if you could receive my apologetic feelings." Saying this he bends his head.

Within a split second, the teacher dissolves into huge toothy grin like many of the teachers and encourages Karma, "Dear Karma, I am glad to see you correcting you own ignorant mistakes, I am proud of you. I completely receive your apologies, feel better. It's not the matter of mistakes you make that counts but what counts is how much you have learned from that mistakes. Besides, to analyse and correct your mistakes must be your guiding principle. Indeed for all of us. I am proud of your words and promises. You are an exemplary student. Be better than yesterday and lesser than tomorrow. You shall surely yield."

Not able to control his happiness, the teacher gives him a good hug for revealing his truth and his promises. At one time, when the teacher tells about it to his parents and his parents starts to feel blissful and cheerful.


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