26 April 2014

I Love the Nature

"Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better." ~ Albert Einstein

I Love the green nature
that surrounds me and protects me.

I love the sun
the stunning sun that rises and sets,
it is kind and generous
giving just happiness to one and all.
I love the earth
that supports and balances us
making fair cultivation for one and all.
I love the wind
that blows noisily and noiselessly
turning prayer wheels and mills.
I love the rain
that falls and comes in abundance
helping for another cultivation.
I love the forest
decorated in greeneries
giving lives in various forms and shapes.
I love the snow
clear and pure landscaping the hills
filtering the water for all.
I love the ocean
a machine for transportation
that gives lives to all aquatic beings.
I love the air
that is freely available for one and all.
I love them all;
the sun, earth, wind and the rain
the forest, snow, ocean and the air.
They guard me and save me,
keep me warm and cool and easy,
give me the complete peace in silence
the peace that I get in sleep,
for the sun is my blanket, wind, my fan
rain in my mattress, forest is my pillow
where enticing dreams reside
and my bed, this huge earth.
Snow purifies my bad dreams
ocean dissolves deadly dreams
and air carries away nightmares
far and very far away from me.

I love My Mother Nature
that surrounds me and protects me.

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