22 September 2014

Life seen through two Windows of Difference

"I think life is a matter of choices and that wherever we are, good or bad, is because of choices we make." ~ Lou Holtz

There is no time to stand and stare                                                            
hold fast of your time, it is elapsing.                                                                                   
Time is life and life is uncertain,                        
it is useless wasting this very moment                                                       
for the very next moment is unseen and unknown.                                                   
Life comes once to us at this time,       
not in dreams, not in sleep but in reality to feel.         
It’s your life god gave to you for experience
and it is your eyes to see the windows of life,                                                                         
the windows that guide you to your choice.

Life was pleasurable travelling the gloomy path,                            
I neglected my parent’s wishes of school                                           
and neighbors’ desires of greatness.            
I never gave my heart to speak.             
My clouded companies made my hands for fight                          
and legs for running away from my own misdeeds.                                   
They guided me to the prison as a guest                    
which made our empty stomachs to churn for days.           
I drank alcohols, ate drugs and chewed tobaccos          
I told untruth, stole belongings and mistreated animals.          
Arrogance covered me as wool does the sheep,                     
the sheep that grazed on the land of ignorance, eternally.                     
My companies appreciated me and I never did to my parents,                                             
Sometimes, night became day and day became night for me.                                                     
Despite the change my heart never felt the pain,                                                            
the pain that was untold, unbearable and unnoticed.                                                            
Parents said that I must be disconnected and separated;                             
Neighbors whispered that I must do something high                                              
but I turned blind to one and deaf to another.                                                            
The time passed swiftly and my life gradually fell.                                             
Now I have reached this stage; a stage of regret.                                                              
I am regretting a lot for abusing my life,                                                  
which takes me to the depth of gloomy path.                                                 
Returning from the traveled path with burden,                                                             
it’s hard to carry the burden of my misdeeds.                                                       
None is helping me apart from this forlorn soul of mine.                                                         
There is no ticket for me for heaven                                                             
but can hear the call of my reserved ticket for hell.                   
Reaching near the end of rocky earth,                                              
it’s too late to visit my past and mend it.

Life was meaningful travelling the unpopular path.                                  
I drove my parent’s train of wishes                             
and wore neighbor’s chain of wishes                                                 
carefully listened to the beats of my heart,                                                                                         
Making every beat, a magnificent one.                                                             
My flowery companies made my hands for good               
and my legs for stepping on better,                                                     
that combined to yield the best in me.                                            
They guided me to the land of flying colors.                                                             
I wished courageously, dreamed great and worked hard,                   
I replied the truth, cared all and sacrificed for others,         
Up I prayed to the god and down I gave my ability                      
that took me forward, little by little, nearer and nearer.       
Sympathy hit me like shooting stars,                     
Empathy became the theme of my story                                                                                         
and benevolence silently walked in my life.                                                                
My friends appreciated me and I did to my parents.                                                        
Every part of my life was helpful and faithful,                                                                
There was no pain but only gain,                                                                                        
Gain of the greatest satisfaction,                                                                            
Satisfaction that meant a lot to me.                                                               
My parents encouraged me selflessly,                                                                               
and neighbors supported me zealously.                                                                     
I saw one’s help and heard another’s support.                                                                     
The time passed swiftly and my life gradually rose.                                                        
Now I have reached this stage: a stage of deed-satisfaction,                                        
I lived interestingly and did meaningfully.                                                                         
There is neither a burden nor load to carry                                                                         
but am happy that my deeds are pushing me forward                                                   
and I can see the heaven eagerly waiting for my visit.

Life comes once to us at this time,                                                                           
not in dreams, not in sleep but in reality to feel.                                                          
It’s your life god gave to you for experience,                                                                    
now you have seen the windows of life,                                                                           
It’s your own choice to choose, which suits you,                                     
Gloomy path? Or unpopular path?                                                                                    
Both is going to produce difference in you                                                      
both is going to be your salve – servant                                                                           
and both is going to listen to your choice.                                                                         
What really counts is your clear choice of windows.


  1. Wow bro...nice poem. It would have become much better had you used systematic rhyme scheme. Yet it's beautiful. I had never been good in writing poems. You did well. Good. Keep going bro.

    1. Thank you Sherab Sir for your happy visit, fabulous comment and fantastic suggestion. :) Hoping to compose more in the manner you suggested. Hope everything is going well everyday. Take Care.