28 July 2014

The Anguish of Anger

"You will not be punished for your anger; you will be punished by your anger." ~ Buddha

When like a thunderstorm
it strikes you wholly
you reach in a mindless stream
that washes you unconsciously
and all the things worsen.
Like a wild wind
it blows away everything,
good or bad, kind or cruel
those come in its way.
Like a deluge of flood
it takes away completely,
lives and boulders and trees
those lay ahead its path.
When anger engulfs you,
you mistreat more than others think is worse,
you beat more than others think in painful,
you kill more than others think is death.
Nothing remains when it is over
but only a heartache of regrets
and heartbreak of melancholy.
Wind regrets for blowing wildly.
Flood regrets for killing mercilessly.
Wind and flood regrets for destruction.
A regretful mind constantly haunts you,
in the doldrums you reach
making you uneasy and undignified,
after all ashamed of your anger's deeds.
You wish if you had controlled it
you wish if you had defeated it
nothing brings the difference
over dead past and gone times
but gives you the best platform
to learn
the anguish of anger.

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