12 September 2014

Before Being A Suicide-Goer, Feel Your Parents

"Suicide is a serious thing. And if you know anyone who is suicidal, you need to get them help. No one should be in pain. Everyone should love themselves." ~ Gerard Way

I am really disturbed by yesterday's back story about suicidal case that took place. It isn't the first but now suicide has become an unchecked incident that is taking place everyday, everywhere. We must question ourselves about it. Why suicide? How can we prevent it? The God's truth is 'Suicide' is preventable and avoidable. We can prevent it and we can do it. 
To have got this opportunity to exercise this human form of life is priceless and irreplaceable, nothing can provide this for you. Therefore, first of all we must sincerely and devoutly thank for this form of life to the creator as God.

Though we have mind to think critically, many of us pretend that we don't have which results in the destruction of our own self. If this is a case then we are no different from animals, even worse than animals. My chief point here is, we know that human life is precious and every one of us, once we got to exercise this life form, we have got one important responsibility that is to make best use of this life form, so that the creator appreciates us.

But there are many winds of influence, those blow from all the direction and if we tend to be weak and lethargic, we would be easily blown by those winds, hither and thither. Don't let those winds over take you, you must be strong enough to stand still in your own responsibility by controlling yourself and your thoughts. The fascinating fact is; to control yourself with your thoughts will be the easiest for those who think they can and the hardest for those who think who can't. It's just a matter of our perception we focus on our own thoughts. From many influential winds, suicide is the worst and every one of us must be ashamed even if we think of it.

Majority of suicidal cases are taking place within the boundary of youth and therefore the pillars of youth, especially parents at home and teachers at school play all-important role in the making of youth. But, youth, ourselves must be in a best position to differentiate what is good and what is bad by attaining youth stage or else we must be shameful of ourselves if we remain within the shell of ignorance. This stage is the stage of learning things and earning wholesomeness. After all, to start building the foundation of our own  future dreams and realms. This is the most beautiful stage where we have healthy mind to think wealthy thoughts and can easily be aware about the things we are learning.

Just know how beautiful it is, we have parents at home who love and care us, cook for our lunch and send to school for our own betterment. When we reach school, there will be our beloved teachers and doting friends to help us with all we love to do and learn the things. Then when you have such those beautiful flowers surrounding you and helping you, why suddenly think of suicide. I know things won't turn the way we want, but just don't bother about it if your are lazy or if you are determine, try to learn from those adversities, I mean try extracting lessons from the things that don't turn the way you want because it is sure that it has something in stored for you as said by Napoleon Hill; "Every adversity, every failure, and every heartache, carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit." It is a time for all of us to love our precious life by discovering the beauty of it.

Remember, our dear beloved parents have lots of dreams and aspiration from us, they would love us to see blossoming and blooming for eternity. They would like us living happily and interestingly relishing the life given to us. They would be the happiest to see all our life-fulfilled giant great goals. Then suddenly you make a sharp turn in your journey without their permission and notice, then suddenly you commit suicide. How would your parents think of it? It's okay for you that you have committed suicide but did you ever think of your beloved parents? How they would feel? What they would think of you? You are stealing all their happiness in a vain. You are leaving a scar of agonizing pain in their hearts that will live for eternity. Over and above, you are making their life tasteless and fruitless.

If you heart your parents why you feel like doing it. If you don't want to be the victim of your parents' unhappiness why you feel like doing it. Your parents gave you all, worked hard for you only and cared for you only.When they can at least do this, even if you feel that you won't be able to pay gratitude to them just don't think to commit suicide. Before being a Suicide-Goer think about your loving parents.

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