16 September 2014

Through The Eyes Of An Old Bull

"Life is life--whether in a cat, or dog or man. There is no difference there between a cat or a man. The idea of difference is human conception for man's own advantage." ~ Sri Aurobindo

I was born to a mother of an unknown father                                                                           
The world and his wife welcomed me happily,              
I saw my mom gazing at me with the tears joy                                                                        
It was hard to grow with lone parents                                                             
But lucky to have good owner to feed us.                                             
I always wanted to grow and experience the world                            
Filled with curiosity I was for, worldly
The time passed and I too grew
the man was so cruel to take my share                                                                        
that I didn't get enough milk, so I ate grass. 
 Later I got used to grass and knew I was born for grass.                                                  
My owner took my mom to different grazing pasture,     
for me it was just like going for a tour     
I really enjoyed experiencing new things every moment.
Unfortunately, gloominess crawled in me,
When I was three and a half    
my owner sold me for one thousand and one,   
an unknown customer far from behind the hill.                         
didn't believe that now I was leaving   
And also I didn't want to go                                                              
When my mom heard the news of our departure                          
She couldn't do anything apart from crying desperately,    
couldn't tolerate her tears   
Promising myself to stand still and not to go,  
I prostrated ahead my owner not to sell   
And I bowed ahead an unknown customer not to buy,                                 
But it seemed their decision had been already decided.                                                              
Then, my mom was taken to our shed                                                                        
When my silky rope was replaced by another,
I looked at my mom and she turned away to hide her tears.                                   
Now the customer pulled me for his way,   
Despite his peerless effort I stood strong, not wanting to go               
Unfortunately, I felt an untold pain of stick on my back                                 
It was my owner beating me all with his anger.                                             
From front I was pulled till my head couldn't resist                                     
and from back I was pushed with intolerable pain.                                             
Really unbearable for me it was to separate from my mom                                 
since the departure of great pain was insufferable.                                        
Finally my legs accepted the departure.                                                                      
I reluctantly followed my new owner leaving my beloved ones behind        
though my heart yearned for those glory days                                                
I had to receive and respect their orders.                                                             
We had to walk for the whole day                                                                          
I was exhausted without food and water for a day,        
On the way they took their lunch not thinking of me                                                      
I just looked up in the sky and wished to be there.                                                            
On the way we met stream for water                                                                    
I drank as much as I could to replace for the tears I did shed,
The time passed and the day was getting darker                      
It was only during the night that we arrived to their destination,                      
I could hear them blaming me for the late.                    
That night was sleepless and thoughtless night   
Sometimes I could feel my mom feeling me                                                      
it was so hard to live a life of isolation.                                                             
Dusk turned to dawn and dawn to day.                                                    
Staying there for a couple of days                                                                  
I met with a friend of my age from far,                                                                          
He too shared the sad stories of my own.                               
We were trained for our ability                                                                               
and we killed tough time getting adjusted.                                                                   
Later when we grew stronger                                                                 
like horse we were loaded with packs                                                       
and like tractors we were made to plough fields.                                   
We really had uneasy time for our survivor                                      
Aches and pains, that always bathed our bodies                                  
Aches and pains, that never left us.                             
Now we are near the death’s door,                                                                
Our bones had withered and turned weak                                              
Our energies had gone exhaustion                                                  
And it’s really hard, even to get a bite of grass.                             \
They don’t give much attention to us,                                      
when they talk of our uselessness at this stage                                   
it is unbearable for us to hear.                                                                                         
The pain really touches depth of our hearts.                                                            
This pain is eating away our souls,                                             
And I know the day will come                                                                                   
When my components will depart,                                                 
My flesh will be bitten by them,                                                                            
My blood will be drank by them,                                                                                              
My offal will be eaten by them                                         
My bones will turn to ebony ashes,                                                  
And alas! My soul!      
My soul will be wandering in search of                   
my components, never in peace.                                                                         
But before I get into that time,                           
God! my presence  was never wrong           
I have been serving since my time                                                                           
And now I will die without regret,    
But before I turn to ashes                     
Please give me the final chance to meet,  
To meet my beloved mother.                

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