6 October 2015

Fresher's Night, BSA Hyderabad 2015

"Sunshine is a welcome thing. It brings a lot of brightness." ~ Jimmie Davis
Welcoming someone with hearty welcome is an awesome toehold to begin their relationship with us. It's simply a way to cement our relationship with them. A way towards closeness for fruitfulness.

BSA Hyderabad's Fresher Night has been journeying since many moons ago purposely for those Freshers at Hyderabad. And now it has become the way of our life, culture to execute it which is the only way to welcome new students. During this spree, the old members welcome new members through games events and cultural-dance programs besides their active introductions.

This year's Freshers were as usual welcomed wholeheartedly as happily on 3rd October, Saturday. There were nine of them, who were energetically ready to participate and happily to be members of Family of Hyderabad.
Ins and outs of the Day;
The day began with friendly football matches among three teams; Survey, Nalsar and Geology. It was such an electrifying and enthralling time we had despite the scorching sun that bathed us all in sweat. Who would go for dislike when like rules the show? Everybody would obviously, vociferously go for that. We bet that the also-ran has to pay for the lunch. But remarkably none has to pay due to limited time which encouraged BSA Fund to coordinate the lunch.

After lunch we had volley ball matches. Few of us went for remaining shopping. A handful of them went for hall decoration while some of us were busy chit-chatting among themselves.

Only by 7:00 pm we could start the gist of the Freshers Night. I posted in BSA Hyderabad Facebook group, the day before that all of us must get ready by 5:00 pm with a thought that by 6;00 the world and his wife will surely get prepared and be appeared. Besides, I had already drank the perception of Bhutanese Stretchable Time. But, finally when the time came, I was astounded to experience that our time has stretched beyond the saturation point and the god's honest truth is unlike rubber band with its elastic limit, Bhutanese time doesn't have an elastic limit.

Dear Bhutanese, what the heck are we doing? Even if we can't invent or discover like scientists, at least, let's start to invent/discover an elastic limit of our own time. Then things will certainly get discovered. Just discover an elastic limit for our time with your best, life will do the rest.

The night was wholeheartedly welcomed by our Bhutanese National Anthem. No mater whenever we live or whenever we be, we constantly hear our hearts of patriotism, raising our heads, praising our own nation. Then, BSA President's speech followed by an aesthetic and alluring welcome dance by Geology's Mathang and Khot-keens. Then we offered the stage to the freshers for their active introductions, indeed a platform for old members to familiarize with new one.

Then we had various games activities which were energy-boosters and gave life to our spree. For nearly one and half an hour, all of us were fully engrossed in barnstorming and breathtaking events. Balloon dances were full in bloom. Balloon blasting we did. Paper kind of dance we danced. And all of us were energetically, enthusiastically, interestingly relishing the moment with whole heart. When time ripened, we presented the winners with the deserved prizes as a sign of appreciation and congratulations, followed by photo sessions for the memory of Freshers Night shall be printed for eternity. Then, finally we had a toothsome dinner.

After dinner, we had jam session, where everyone of us were dancing in such a way that no one was watching (Seriously, I was watching lol). Food we ate. Drinks we drank. Music we danced. Time we spent. Life it passed. And the action-packed night was already in exhaustion by the time we realized. Then, waved a wave force of goodbye to meet and gather and eat and drink and dance again.

Being a President of BSA Hyderabad has been a bittersweet experience for me. I'm still trying to squeeze the juices of greatness the position has to offer me, at last what really daily counts is how much greatness you've learned by wearing the throne such positions.

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  1. What a lovely event which was well organized by all. You are a very dedicated president of BSA Hyderabad and deserve a good pat.
    I like that wise quote of sunshine bringing all the brightness!

    I will be back again.