12 October 2015

On My 22nd Bright Birthday

"You don't get older, you get better." ~ Shirley Bassey
My favorite month is October. And autumn is my preferable season. The reason is that easy because I was born in that month of that season, when earth turned gold and leaves splendidly glittered in golden rays, the world and his wife welcomed me with a hearty welcome, I remember that.

Celebrating my birthday hasn't been my-type of celebration until I met my big-hearted friends. I owe my loved parents and all my beloved friends for making me a very special one. As I turned 22nd yesterday on 11 October, I shall cherish Shirley's aphorism, "You don't get older, you get better," that I have become better than yesterday and lesser than tomorrow. Age doesn't matter at all, what really deserved to be counted is the sense of being who really we are.

It's earth-shattering to see ourselves growing in terms of invaluable values and wise wisdom rather than focusing on the age of one's body. On your birthday, just ask yourself how much you have been bettering yourself from a year away from now? Judge your aptitude and attitude?

Thank you all of benign friends for bringing Jean Paul's wisdom in me,"Our birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time." Thank you for presenting your genuine presence on my birthday. You all made my bright birthday piquant and prepossessing, newsworthy and noteworthy, rip-roaring and riveting and ad infinitum. I shall cherish it for eternity.

I shall let the pictures narrate my birthday celebration;

Thank you Mr. Yonten Jamtsho for being such a nice and jolly friend and pointing me as a birthday boy lol ;)

Thank you for your adorable and lovable gifts. After all what really daily counts isn't the quantity of gifts you receive but the quality of love and care wrapped within the gift. When I did open your gifts, I found first not the contents but ample of love and care that you all sincerely took life and time to gift me. Thank you all so much.
Thank you Mr. Kayta Boss Rinzin Wangchuk for your pulsating gift of home for my papers.

Thank you Mr. Messi Karma Namgay , Geology Khot-keens and Chimi, Kuenga for your spectacular gift of nice watch, now it's time to keep on keeping on

Thank you Ms. Nityam Kutu Nepal and Ms. Sonam Dechey Tshomo for your beauteous Shirt and slipper,

Thank you Ms. Ugyen Lhamo Choden and Ms. Kuenzang Choden for your unputdownable books, I shall have them deliciously.
My Facebook wall has been all clothed in my birthday wishes from all of my warm-hearted teachers and kind-hearted friends, I thank everyone of you, for taking at least even a second to wish on my birthday, you all made my day a great day, one of my best days ever. And for your becoming gifts.


  1. It appears you have grand celebration of your this year's birthday. Many friends are around. Happy belated birthday bro. May god be with you always to bless you with good health, wealth and wisdom in coming years

  2. Happy Birthday Young Man! Stay healthy and happy always with all your loved ones.
    Warm greetings from me in Malaysia.

    **I love the candles on your cakes. They look unique to me!

  3. Hey there, Happy belated birthday!!! God bless you always....Take care!!!

  4. Happy birthday. May you live longer, happier and be successful in your life.