23 September 2015

'Thrue-Bab' at Hydera-Bad : Home away from Home's Celebration

"A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots." ~ Marcus Garvey
Thrue-Bab (Blessed Rainy Day) which is usually celebrated in Bhutan is considered to be the one of the most propitious and auspicious days for the accumulation of wholesomeness through blessed rain. On this day, the water is considered to be holy, otherworldly and every citizen is buoyed to take bath to cleanse our abysmal deeds and purify ourselves. Besides, this day is obeyed as national holiday marking the end of monsoon-farming season and the beginning of the harvest season.

Families would have great gathering for the celebration and traditionally the day will be started with a meal of thup (scrumptious porridge) as a breakfast. Then followed by suja (lip-smacking butter tea) with home-made snacks. When this is done then, preparation of various mouth-watering curries usually meaty curry, would begin with vegetarian curry for those who are vegetarian. When the time ripens, all the family members would gather and have the meal deliciously. In between, to fill the gaps, quaff-able drinks are usual for the adults while children enjoy with their favorite juicy drinks.

To make the day more electrifying and engrossing, various games especially traditional games are played by man while woman add beauty by serving drinks, singing alluring traditional songs and splendid barn dances. In villages, before dusk their neighbors would visit each other's home and have fantastic time sharing their drinks and chatting about the glory of the day. Besides, they would have barn dance and the plank floor would vibrate rhythmically. By dusk, they would return their home, some blind drunk, while others cherish the day.

I have always been cherishing those beautiful memorable memories of blessed rainy days with my parents and friends. This time, being away from my home and relatives, I am missing them achingly. Nevertheless, I with my beloved friends had engaging and enticing time celebrating the day to the best of our abilities. Really, had fun-sun time of togetherness. Yeah! I believe the God created friends to replace our family in their absence as said by Jennifer Aniston; "Where would you be without friends? The people to pick you up when you need lifting? We come from homes far from perfect, so you end up almost parent and sibling to your friends - your own chosen family. There's nothing like a really loyal, dependable, good friend. Nothing." Majestically true. Beautifully woven.

We started with our thup and deay-si preparation and after few minutes found ourselves in an argy-bargy with those empty pots and pans for emptying so fast. My belly wasn't really ready to take rest. Indeed all of us. This time we divided among ourselves to the field of our own interests. Some went to visit Zoo while bunch of us went to Water World.
Within less than half an hour we reached to the Water World. Paid our entry fees. Got prepared. And started to enjoy the gist of being there. Swimming we did. Our eyes brimming with water. Sliding over we did. Gliding into the water. Photographs we took. As autographs we got printed into camera. And all of us were indirectly taking bath in the absence of soaps. I willingly had to smile when some of us jawed jaw-dropping thoughts that some of us (not me lol) didn't really come for swimming or playing but to take rare-reluctant bath after many moons ago. I compulsorily had to giggle to see some of my friends turning into frogs while swimming. Who wouldn't giggle? Lol.

By five, we returned home. While other team did shopping for the dinner, which was going to be our all-important event of the day. Indeed, our real thrue-bab. This time there were twenty one of us in gathering. And happiness was to celebrate thrue-bab  in foreign land with the people from our own land. By around six-thirty we started with our preparation. Few of us busied ourselves in kitchen while some of others sat for the conversation as many of us were new to many of us. This is really is. Besides, our main purpose, we get platform to introduce and be known among ourselves. If we hadn't planned for togetherness then we hadn't known people we know now. So it's a law that for every main purpose there is always an advantageous opportunity (besides main purpose) we must exercise and experience.
By before ten we finished with the preparation. Finally it was done. Finally we had handful of mouth-watering curries. And within a split second, we started to take. Who would grin to wait when such mouth-watering dish is right under your nose waiting especially for you? I would die for it. Step by step. Turn by turn. Front to front, we started to enjoy the real gist of the day. That's how we adapt ourselves to feel we're at home when away from home. After all, friends are siblings god never gave to us.

After dinner. Everyone of us was fully filled. We conversed over our interests. It was really a glad time of togetherness we had for the first time with twenty one of Bhutanese. It's how the Bhutanese do. No matter how far we leave in a foreign, we can always gather together and celebrate our on way of life.

P.S. We would like to thank all of our sirs for your ample contributions. We were really lucky to be among your presence to enjoy the day.


  1. Thank you Ugyen for sharing us how you have celebrated thruebab back at your college... This is a perfect way to pass up from missing your parents and families during special occasion. You have described well... Keep writing namo.
    Have a nice day.

  2. Sounds like you had an enjoyable Thruebaab away from home.

  3. Great celebration! Happy belated blessed rainy day to you Ugyen! ^^

  4. It is crystal clear that you had a very great time with your colleagues on a very special occasion.. Good to hear...