11 September 2015

Better This, Than That

"If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life." ~ Marc Anthony

Better ask yourself who really daily you are
Than to ask others to assess you without care
For you're the only really one for yourself
Who knows of your magical zest as an elf.

Better ask what you can do for your parents
Than, what they can do for you, those aren't
For they whenever wherever forever give us
More than we can evermore have it with fuss.

Better befriend others by your involvement
Than to expect from others, with comment
For by being thrilled in them is your advantage
Which shall heighten you to heights of vantage.

Better live yourself with your beautiful life
Than to live others' which are achingly rife
For you will always be better you than you
And shall always live a rainbow of hue.


  1. Lovely one brother...truly reflected...keep sharing and I shall never fail to keep visiting..And assuming all is well with you until now..Have a great days ahead! Take care! :) :)

  2. Beautiful la Ugyen! Keep writing! ^^