20 August 2015

My Cheap Cup of Tea was Cheap Enough to Give Me Rich Happiness

"Happiness... consists in giving, and in serving others." ~ Henry Drummond
Why really this life has been born? What daily is the purpose of this life? Is one of the meaningful questions that we must give it a try to answer everyday through mind, speech and actions. Due to the inadequacy of our knowledge to know that, most of us allow ourselves to follow the usual trodden road which doesn't give us the greatest satisfaction and fulfillment of being "Why really we have been born?"

Life is awfully short. Even shorter than the lives of those millions of flowers those glamorously decorate the spring of the year of this world. Because, the time is infinity and we relish only a negligible part of it. It's as if saying, in one billion we are like zero but not exactly zero. So one's life can be nothing if not driven wisely, keeping in mind that our stay is really negligible.

I presume one of the purposes of this life lies in giving. Giving with a heart. Giving someone truly. No matter how small the gift might be, at least give from heart that's the nucleus of the show. Giving can be compared to a grain of maize, multiplying to innumerable grains if sowed in spring with a heart of light, emotion of water and honesty of nutrients, but if left then let's not talk on that.

Francis of Assisi aesthetically puts: For it is in giving that we receive. And that's what exactly I had exactly got an opportune opportunity to prove Francis' words. Just few days ago, we had requested BeamFiber Net for the New Internet Connection at our juniors' place and re-connection at our place. Unluckily, at my place the guy wasn't in a position to do as he convinced us that it will take time. Leaving ours, I headed to my juniors' place for New Connection. Then, I met another man (who deals with new connection). No sooner did I see him then I knew him as he visited my old apartment the previous year. But, he wasn't really familiarized with me. I explained him about the 'bread and butter' we had together during his short hungry stay in my old room during new connection. Thank god, he could reluctantly remember that. A hug of meeting again, we did.

For your kind information, if you're seen once by me then you're seen forever. No matter how long we may not meet, though my eyes may grow weak, my nose will surely sense your smell if we happen to meet. Stop pretending, especially in front of me (Lol).

We had few words of conversation. He's a jolly man. And why I shouldn't be? To dance zealously according to the music is more than enough to give an enthralling show to the world. Within half an hour, half of the process was done. We came outside. I felt giving them maybe a cup of tea and just because the shop was a knee-length away, I offered them with a cup of tea and biscuits. Nothing special. Only life's credential. For several minutes we chatted. Then, waved leave-taking.

After few days we happened to meet again. He told me that the man will turn up next day for the cable connection. Then, offered me with a cup of tea. I spake him it was okay as I could sense his busy mind. But, he made me compulsory to go with him for a cup of tea. I couldn't deny him. You know I feel uneasy when people badger me. I have to do that, by hook or by crook. We went to a tea emporium and had it. He offered me a veg. burger and a cup of tea. He said it was his treat. Talked for awhile and waved adieu. Happiness was when I knew Florence Shinn's wisdom: Giving opens the way for receiving.

I'm neither exalting myself nor eulogizing him over the cup of tea we had. Forget this cup of tea now. If you're wise enough, raise your mind and praise yourself that you've known more than just our togetherness over cup of tea. Prove yourself.

My cup of tea has taken me to depth of my heart and taught me what really giving is: Giving is Receiving. Beyond this, the happiness we derive from giving is really chocolatey. That day added one more list to my Happiest Day of My Life. Newton's third law is enough to prove this that if you give someone, you shall receive. Unlike his law, in this law: Giving is Receiving, it has got a lot vis-a-vis morality keeping aside materialism. I wonder what would have been the repercussion if I hadn't offered him. I know one thing, the result wouldn't have been the same. I feel glad and great to have experienced such experiences for I constantly yearn to learn everyday.

Come on guys, at least give, no matter how small. My cheap cup of tea was cheap enough to give me rich happiness. Don't bother much on what you give, focus on how you give because how you give can enrich your life with real happiness. A penny given from a true heart can worth more than giving million dollars to someone with reluctance.

P.S. Thank You Mr. Hero Kiran (I call him Hero because I know he likes it) for teaching me once-in-a-lifetime lesson and confirming me that yes there're people who're ready to give. I wish you happiness and success in abundance as you head ahead with enthusiasm and optimism. Keep giving truly, you shall truly receiving.

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