16 August 2015

An Exhilarating Visit to Nalsar University

"The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it's all that matters" ~ Audrey Hepburn
To explore an exhilarating place is to implore yourself to have a fascinating time. This life clothed in uncertainty must not be kept within the covering of shell instead it must be gingerly cracked from within (before with-out) and make it as an eye-opener to discover this world. And please explore the things and learn yourself for one always yearn for learning.

15th August is India's Independence Day and it was really a high-voltage time for all of us to be there at Nalsar University, one of the best law schools in India. When natives celebrated their day, we gave the day a Bhutanese celebration.

Ins and outs of Yester-day;
NALSAR University is roughly thirty-four kilometers from our apartment and would take an hour to reach there. Though it might be a long distance for some of us, for many of us it wasn't. Who would think this? When in foreign land, we're going to meet the people of our own. Even if it was a far-flung distance away, we would energetically go, for we feel like meeting our family members, indeed we are in foreign land.

There were eighteen of us. We booked a bus, the day before yesterday. Three of the lecturers reached our home before the day for the day. Few of us spent our time decorating our Khuru (Bhutanese Dart) for worthiness for the day. I could hear my friends jawing about hitting the target for million times, while my lips stretched from ear to ear with a toothy grin keeping in mind that I've surely brushed my teeth with Colgate. Seeing is believing for me.

I informed we must get ready by 8, by around 8:00 am, we got pretty ready but were able to move by 9:00 am, only. You know, for Bhutanese like us, our time can be stretched much as we wish like I stretched my lips, but unlike those elastic bands, it never breaks even if it reaches its saturation point. Our time hasn't yet got an elastic limit. I wish it was an elastic band with an elastic limit.

By 9 we journeyed. Indeed, an enthralling it was, watching the natives executing their Independence Day and promising to cherish it, never to perish, I felt them. The streets were decorated in their national flag, many beating drums and bass drums, while others shook and hit tambourine. And those usual noisy street noises weren't a noise anymore, it was a music for them. That much the power their Independence Day has.

After an hour, by 10 we reached there at Nalsar University. Bhutanese Nalsarians gave us a hearty-fruity welcome. Happiness was when in foreign land we met the people of our own. Thirsty curiosity surrounded to thirty(loosely) of us for togetherness even for a split of second. Within no time, they registered us for our entry. We guested. They hosted.

It was exceptionally one of an exceptional colleges I've ever got to visit, smelling exceptional students and lecturers. Everything seemed fabulously deemed perfect. The lecturer halls and the courts of balls. The library for everyday. The football ground around. The wealthy mess which would never be in a mess for healthy health. The shortish flowers and tallish trees ready to invite all visitors. Peaceable and lovable atmosphere spreading length and breadth of the college was all I had been praising for, raising my mind and nodding my head in confirmation. All, I can say my say-so about this college is in one word: Nalsar University is a peace piece of heaven to leaven all in invaluable values and wise wisdom.

We visited their hostels and had good time of togetherness saying words of our interests. Many of us went to the gym, making best use of it though for a moment. We spent some time there with a thought, drops of water make an ocean but wondered if we had ever thought of consistent and persistent energy we must possess to add drop of water with constancy to yield a mighty ocean. If so, my appreciation. If not, your optimism.

Then by 12:30 we rode on the bus for lunch. Hungrily we had. Barely we could walk. Rarely some could do including me (Lol).

From lunch we directly headed for the game of the day: Khuru. We energetically got ready for the game while our ladies (beautiful mathangs) busied themselves for cheering and applause. Within few less than several minutes we started our match between Geology and Nalsarians. It was after very long time back that I played it. The angle I used to have that adjusted my hand to fling Khuru has faded away and that's why I didn't even hit a one, but at least I had saved my name to be in B-list players. That's what greats have been bespeaking, practice makes man perfect. Success requires constant energy of practice. If one have been playing everyday one could have been the man of the match but all we were, same: lack of practice. Finally, we won reluctantly but truly it wasn't really giving the real gist of being a winner.

After our game, our beautiful mathangs did play the game. Once again, willingly, I had to stretched my lips from ear to ear always keeping in my mind that I've brushed my teeth. I could hear some of my friends talking about them that, even if they keep the target on their forehead, they would have tough time hitting it. Again, practice comes to picture here. Usually, women don't play this game and that's why target on forehead  came but if they've been playing, practicing constantly then it's all same with us. So in life, if you wish to heighten to next heights of greatness, all you got to do is to practise heightening yourself everyday for one day you shall surely be there.
Visiting college campus, playing khuru, watching our times passing on and experiencing our life going on were all those filled our days. Life was beautiful to be there and be prepared to make beautiful everywhere.

Timely, by 4:00 we waved our departure certainly to meet again. We are very thankful to all our Nalsarians for your kind and sweet welcome to your pre-eminent college. We felt glad and great to be there with you all. Thank you for the memories we shall print in our hearts and minds for all times to come.


  1. Thanks for the post, bro. It is nice to see the pictures and read about the happenings of the day there. As I read your post, I began to sorely miss my ex-college. It seems you guys had a lot of fun. Take care and see you. :)

    1. Before commenting on your post, let me not forget to welcome you back to the blogging world. I welcome you with an immense pleasure and sincerity. I am so delighted to see you again. If I am not mistaken, i guess this is your first post after a year-long break. Hope you weren't into retreat until this time..hehe..joke bro...And it is certain that your blog must have starved without your update and also longed to see you. So was I !!! I even thought you have ceased to be a blogger..but thank god! you are with us again...Once more I welcome you back on behalf of all the members and on my own behalf..Now coming to your post, I shall conclude in one sentence..It is just awesome!!!!!!!!! keep sharing...And hope you have been good until now without any mishap being befallen....Take care bro..:)