22 April 2015

Waving Goodbye to Outgoing Seniors

"History never really says goodbye. History says, 'See you later." ~ Eduardo Galeano
Our departure time has already come and we have been a bit blue since our seniors will be departing from the Family of Hyderabad. Like family members we have been in foreign land relishing every moment of our togetherness and when the time speaks of our departure we are left with no alternative to give the way. And that's how life must go on. Next year, by this time, I with some of my friends will be departing and I can feel joyless from now only. The given below is a letter from BSA Hyderabad Family to all the outgoing seniors and I did post in the Facebook wall of BSA Hyderabad;

Dear Outgoing Hyderabadis,

Seems time passes within no time and our departure has already started to murmur dolefully. Obviously, departure is a hapless situation for all of us to participate but let's happily make it an opportunity to miss each other for future meetings, the breezy thing is we shall surely meet.

We know how you may feel as an outgoing members of our family, but if we see through cheerful angles, it bespeaks that you are heightening to next height of greatness. You're opening new chapter of your dogged life, ready to write much optimism with enthusiasm as you wish. Besides, who won't be high-spirited when someone is nearer to one's dreams? If we were, we would be in thirsty curiosity to will that, though the things left behind may sadden us, achingly. That's how life keeps on keeping on.

Evidently, life is clothed in departure and meeting, so we must never be bothered and broody, for the setting sun always promises to rise again with much better, merrier rays to journey all the ways.

We know that sometimes things won't turn the way we want and many a times we may be drowned in hopelessness. Sometimes we feel as if we are loaded with the world's most heaviest loads and so on and so forth, those come under the roof of 'Pulling Us Down'. All we beseech you is not to give up, instead invariably be optimistic and try every moment to turn them into stepping stones because there's no such silly thing as the impossible. Surely, timely, when the time ripens you'll be rewarded with the best rewards.

As you prepare to open the upcoming chapters of your beautiful life we send you our uplifting and unwavering huge good lucks for your eternal success and happiness. Don't worry much, our wishes will take care so much of yours, provided you sincerely, zealously join us.

Over and above, may almighty god bless you all with its mighty might and eternal blessings as you will to better your up-and-coming moments of your becoming future. Limitless wishes for our peerless outgoing seniors. Praising prayers from tender-hearted us to our warm-hearted you. Yeah, we will be completely missing you.

Eternal Regards
With Overloaded Love And Care
Family of Hyderabad

P.S. Exams almost near, dears, presuming that preparation has already been in perfection. Unlimited wishes for your exams and hoping you all to yield high-flying color results. Study Smart. Do Well. Do Great. Will really miss our bygone togetherness. Take Care. :) :) :)


  1. Good luck to the seniors. May you find strength and humor in facing the real world. :)