21 April 2015

Prayers for Our Loving Mother

"The life of the dead is place in the memory of the living." ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero
Sometimes, when things are driven by the force of uncertainty it is really hard to swallow that bittersweet truth. And many a times I have been in a speechless position to accept those things, those are unbelievable and unavoidable. Life is clothed in uncertainty and this uncertainty is what it really haunts me and that's why I have invariably been preparing myself to avoid it, but more or less it is the inevitable only.

Just a moment ago, the demise of one of my beloved motherly teachers struck me and you know I was really taken aback and that added one more to my list of speechless position. What is this? I murmured to myself. Even couldn't buy that also. But later, when my Facebook wall was all bathed in her post, I had no alternative apart from convincing myself of her demise.

You know, she has been one of my best English teachers and she is the reason that I have been able to progress zealously in English subject. I couldn't do anything from wishing her with a little post in my Facebook timeline and this is;

Prayers for Our Loving Mother
Still have those memorable memories as my beloved motherly English teacher, how she used to teach us step by step, back-to-back, with much enthusiasm and optimism. I have that very live moment of pronouncing every word after she pronounced them aesthetically. Plenty of libraries she used to bring and we would heartily browse the pictures but not the words and that was where she encouraged us to enjoy reading through pictures, and that's how I really began, my awesome foothold in Reading Books.

Now as I get to hear and see this broken-hearted news of her,our mother, it saddens me in every way and it's really hard to swallow that we would never ever get a chance to see her again. So cruel of this the inevitable.

We take your attention to pay our heartfelt thankfulness for engineering us in every feasible way and for the nation you have been building. Your contributions in the making of innumerable great citizens seem limitless, your hard work peerless and your effort selfless. We have learned so much from you, have always been trying to be best and yeah, we are able to fly with the wings of hope those you have given.

Thank you for your invaluable values and wise wisdom, you know they are very inspiring and awe-inspiring of immense measure, helping and leaping us in much animated ways.
As you leave us for another, we wish you to rest in peace for you have always been working. We pray for your soul to be peaceable. Always remember that, our praising prayers and wide-ranging wishes are always with you irrespective of everything.

Eternal Regards,
With Much Loaded Love And Care.

And the worst thing that I felt at that very moment was my inability to meet her when she was still with us. I don't remember meeting her and thanking her as a kind of appreciation and it has been ages that I last seen her. But henceforth, it seems a worst opportunity. This indeed should be one of my untold regrets and it is.

Just would love to message you all to take time to have good time with your beloved teachers, this uncertainty is so jealous of us that at any time it will take our time to miss someone badly. When there is plenty of time, make time to visit your teachers, don't feel worried about the gifts you must present, for teachers, you, yourself is the best gift for them. So take time to visit them as an opportune of appreciation for their efforts in making and building us.


  1. I'm sorry for the loss of your beloved teacher. May her soul rest in peace. Take care Ugyen!

  2. I'm sorry for the loss of your beloved teacher. May her soul rest in peace. Take care Ugyen!

  3. Its simply a great loss...anyway things would resume well soon...

  4. Sorry to hear that you have lost the greatest treasure of your life. But that is the reality we are forced to face.

  5. It is lame to say that "this is how life must go on." I know death is cruel though inevitable but I still wonder why people have to die. Sorry! you lost the person you value most but I am sure she is proud to see the person you have become, more than that to know she had inspired and shaped you into a person you are now. May her soul rest in peace. Take care.