16 April 2015

A Fond Farewell Get-Together

"Be well, do good work, and keep in touch." ~ Garrison Keillor
As quoth by John Gay; "We only part to meet again," departure doesn't separate us, it simply makes us inseparable for it empowers us to miss each other even in a split second. Indeed, departure is a beautiful ingredient of our life and a great gap that bridges our happiness. We are happy because we meet our beloved ones after a departure. Even when the sun sets to rise again, our departure should not be a woebegone memory for sun beautifully promises to rise again.

Giving farewell to the our outgoing seniors and making the best use of the last moment's togetherness have always been the most beautiful spree as it's like reluctantly swallowing the last bolus of one's favorite food after which one would miss it achingly. But, what can we do? Life is a whole of parts and only by combining these various parts, we are able to journey it glamorously. Be well, get ready and produce a whole from these parts, then we shall have known it.

This time, as several of our seniors were leaving truly, a fine, fond farewell was the best way for us to wave them a sweet goodbye in which we hungrily, happily had toothsome dinner, followed by a good time with quaffable and luscious drinks. We couldn't give any apart from this for what really counts is the quality of being together rather than quantity. No matter how large you give, if you don't give with a heart it's of no value and even if you give a little with your heart, that's the value of true-giving.

The following are some of our considerable reasons behind the farewell get-together;
1. Cemented Relationship; No matter how far we may go or how long we may not meet, one special day or another there will always be a time to come together and celebrate our cemented relationship. Happiness is when we can happily celebrate our togetherness.

2. Our Hearty Thankfulness; We still remember the very first time we came here as a stranger shrouded in innocence and we shall invariably cherish those benevolent hands you had given to us those made us feel we were at home. Your helped and leaped us in every possible way when we came, so when you go we make sure, we bid you an awesome farewell of thankfulness for all your unwavering benevolence.

3. Future After Departure; Our departure simply means there is a bright future for all of us to meet again and welcome our happy togetherness. Though we may depart from this place, God has already prepared a beautiful place somewhere for us to meet again and be again.

It was, indeed a great night filled with glad moments where we chatted, bantered, joked, played, laughed, giggled, smiled, drank, ate hungrily and so on and those were the perfect ingredients of our togetherness. Life is always rich and plenty in such ingredients and that's why it is beautiful.

To dear seniors, as you journey forward and prepare to open the upcoming new chapters of your dogged life, we wish you all our eternal praising prayers that may you be the best player of your life and yield every moment of life. We wish you a huge good luck as you head ahead to take new position of your life. Thank you all for taking time to come and making time to pass joyfully.

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