7 March 2015

An Awesome Moment, A Toothsome Night, BSA Hyderabad 2015

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success." ~ Henry Ford
Meeting people, knowing them and making friends constituent one of an eternal ingredients of happiness of life. One can never quench one's thirst of being happier unless one knows what we can really get out of the people we are surrounded by. Beyond our own family members, friends play an epoch-making role to measure the efficiency of the journey of our own life. Know the strangers and make friends for once our best friends were also strangers.

BSA (Bhutanese Student Association) Gathering has been a fabulous foothold for 'The Making of Friends' and a perfect 'Friend-Booster' where everyone gets to know everyone. This is an opportune platform where we can prove that we are from one country and no matter wherever we are, we are always there to live just like a family bathed in patriotism and optimism. We shall invariably show the world that we are from little big nation whose hearts and minds are always there for each other like sun's just rays those spread everywhere.

BSA Hyderabad 2015, which was executed yesterday on 6th March, was really, I must say, a feel-good, heartwarming, rollicking, engaging and entertaining spree where everyone was splendidly breezy to be there to exercise their presence.

During daytime we went for our respective fields of interest. Some played football while others did cheer to boost players' energy and enthusiasm. And I zealously relished my day playing indoor games with my beloved friends, meeting new friends and greeting new people. During nighttime, we all gathered for togetherness and had great time with cultural programs. Life was fun to be there and I had enjoyable time watching some of my friends at drunk that brought giggles in me. Their reactions were so funny those made me to wonder how my expression would be if I was at drunk.

Unlike past years, this time, things have turned towards me and I was taken aback to feel myself raising the flag of newly appointed President of BSA Hyderabad, because I was sure that there were others who were far greater and better than me in every possible way. I wondered what made their minds to direct towards me. I pondered what made me to direct towards it. Nevertheless, it was an indication for me that there is something very especial in stored within me, something like magnetic force that attracts, indeed everyone of us owns a place of specialty on this earth, unless you deny it.

In one way, I felt honored for their choices upon me for if one tries to view through all the angles, this choice had got a lot to explain about my personalities those I always wear. On the other hand, I felt bothered because uneasy lies upon the head who wears the throne. And if one denies throne, then it may turn into thorn that will hurt oneself and others.  But no matter, I have always been learning that experiences and obstacles are stepping stones through which one will surely heighten oneself to greater heights of greatness.

Life's always fascinating to journey with new and challenging experiences for experiences are the master keys for learning. If you wish to sincerely learn, yearn for experiences, then you shall have learned for your life.

Now I am looking forward to taste the real gist of being a BSA President and to get as much as possible from it. I'm really gonna squeeze out those juices, those invaluable juices those will enrich my life and be the best doer of this chant, "better than yesterday, lesser than tomorrow." I know hurdles and obstacles will always welcome me, and I will train them to be my hope of wings through which I can fly towards my horizon of dreams.

I wish my beloved myself a happy wish while journeying with a position to fulfill.


  1. Nice to see Bhutanese students of Hyderabad together. I guess, you had a great moment meeting with friends of Bhutan. Enjoy your days and take care brother.

  2. It seems that you all had a very great time during the gathering. Nice to hear such good things from the same family of Palden Drukpa. Always be the exemplary to others and make them envious of kinship we the Bhutanese people have in common. But the most exciting news about yesterday's event is your new position as a president. A very big and hearty congratulations for that..brother...I know you can be a good leader. And I also know that since you are worthy and trustworthy, they had given you that responsibility. So wish you good luck and may everything go in a way you expect. May you live upto their expectations and serve them extraordinarily....Take care!!!!!

  3. Heartfelt congratulations dear :) Mr. President :p Wish you a very successful journey ahead. Hope you have been doing well. Have a wonderful week ahead. Take Care!

  4. Congratulations Mr. President. I know you will have wonderful time as a President. Prove your leadership quality and make your friends to realize that they have not made wrong choice. All the best and take care President. Bundle of great wishes from your bro Norbu.

  5. Congrats!!! Enjoy this opportunity. :)

  6. Lead the team without a title. You can do it. Wish you the best.