4 March 2015

THOUGHTFOLIO is a Year Old Now

"There are two great days in a person's life - the day we are born and the day we discover why." ~ William Barclay
It has been a month that I didn't nourish my weblog and I'm afraid that it might be suffering from starvation. Should I take it to hospital for check-up? Besides, I have already heard its murmur of discontent, "I wonder where that little Benzene has gone, not too far away, hope so. What if he doesn't wish me?" To reply its murmur, I'm here with a huge cake of bulge to replace the meals it has been missing since a month ago. (In between I took almost a month to prepare your birthday cake.) Happy Bright Birthday To My Thoughtfolio.

Before a year, away from now, I still remember how I had thirsty curiosity to author a blog through which I can let my ginormous feelings to flow enormously as those little streams whose screams, heard by everyone, before they merge the ocean. Now, it's been a year and I have learned what I had yearned for, too much in a year from it.

As quoth by William Barclay; "There are two great days in a person's life - the day we are born and the day we discover why," today is a great day for my beloved Thoughtfoio and to make it a greater day, we have discovered the very reasons of why it was born. Here are the various anthropocentric grounds why I have got 'so much' out of my beloved blog and I am devilishly sure that you would also love to note;

1. Thoughtfolio speaks a lot about me and it can be a nice-dice introduction to someone, to a stranger. Besides, it is my messenger in which it meets new people everyday and at the end of the day wheedles me how much it has met. In this way I meet people and that's what exactly Norment Vincent Peale wrote; "We may never meet in person, but in this book we have met," at the final page of his book, The Power of Positive Thinking. May I borrow his words and say; "We may never meet in person, but in this 'My Beloved Thoughtfolio' we have met."

2. I have been able to unlock the doors of my heart, my mind though which my doughty feelings have flown and shown to the world. This has been feasible only through this golden key; Thoughtfolio. Now, I leave no secrets apart from my own and letting the world know what we know, is one of the ultimate things we all desire. Next time, you wish others to know what you know, get ready and start a blog, then you shall have spoken the world.

3. My social relationships have gone beyond my own limited relationships. Now, I know many people who are awe-inspiring and I have got many friends who are really encouraging. Only through them I have been able to head ahead to give wheels to my blog through which it has been travelling to the length and breadth of the globe.

4. My passions Reading and Writing have been boosted by it. I write for my weblog and I read others weblog through which Reading and Writing have become just like my two legs, inseparable, if one fails other would have tiresome to take me forward. Besides, I learn lessons from other bloggers making me to say, lessons learned in this way makes my day in a beautiful bay.

5. Thoughtfolio makes me proud and keeps me high, nigh to my dreams and themes. I shall always cherish the inspiration I have drawn from it. Like the book it shall be, filled in my feelings, and when the dawn comes, I shall have gone by the dusk. I shall always be blessed to share the world that I own a little site of my own through where my seeds are sown and grown. And if you're ready to listen to me I shall have shown to you. No matter whether it inspires people or bother others, I am enough that it inspires me.

With these five idea expressed, makes my Thoughtfolio day the greatest day and you know my Thoughtfolio is already there swimming in the words of William Barclay. If you wish to open the windows of your life, please open the windows of your own blog then, you shall have opened the windows to the world.


  1. Happy 1st Anniversary Thoughtfolio!!! Grow together with it and keep posting! :) Wish many many more years to come la! Have a wonderful day! ^^

  2. Benzene Sir you have beautiflly feathered your thoughtfolio within a year. Now it has strength to fly as it wishes.

  3. First let me welcome you back to the heavenly abode of blog and I was elated to see you again after quite a long interval.Missed you alot bro....And to profess you one thing, I have already started doubting on your coming-back to the blogging world but to my utter relief and excitement, you appeared with a wonderful post....thanks for coming back brother ugyen..:) with this I heartily extend my best wishes for yourself and your Thoughtfolio a very successful journey towards accomplishing all your aspirations. Happy 1st anniversary Thoughtfolio!!! May you continue serving your peerless master till the very end as you have been serving till date....All the best..:) :) And hope everything is fine with you....take care!!!!!!!!


  4. Happy Birthday THOUGHTFOLIO :) Thank you for being born. Thank you for having me inspired. Your wisdom and guidence will always be needed. Am so glad to have met you. Dear Benzene, glad to see you back. Happiest first birthday to overwhelming platform of yours. Keep on and inspire thousands :) Hope you have been doing well. I missed your writings. Wonderful days ahead. Take Care!

  5. Buddha bless you (Thoughtfolio) on your 1st Birth anniversary and I pray you become wealthy in posts and contents with passing time. :) :) :)

    (Sorry for belated wishing. Net here was sick yesterday.)

  6. Happy anniversary! More relevant and great posts in the coming years. And may all your effort in sharing your passion pay off soon. :)
    Good job on finding your purpose this early.