4 February 2015

You ; An Undeniable You

"The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique." ~ Walt Disney

Who said that You cannot dream a doughty dream?
When you can swallow yourself as a dream team.
Who said that You cannot hope a hopeful hope?
When you have an upbeat pile of get-up-and-go rope.
Who said that You are an inane-insane cookie?
When for yourself, you are an awesome bookie.
Who said that You cannot think an unthinkable thought?
When you have drank that undrinkable mind you bought.

Should I ask Sir. God about You; An Undeniable You?
Or. You shall buy my God's honest truth, I wanna woo?


  1. inspirational....with beautiful rhymes

  2. Short and sweet bro....I liked it so much....Take care...:)

  3. Beautiful lines Ugyen. As always love to read your posts..Take care..:)


  4. Truly undeniable YOU, dear. The lines are beautifully woven. Loved the rhyming words especially. I need your blessings to make my brain dig out such thoughtful phrases. Keep Smiling :)) You had your teeth brushed well xD Have a great day. Take Care!

  5. Wow...you plays really well with words. I really like it bro. Keep composing and ofcourse sharing with us. God bless you!

  6. Lovely write up with jam inside.

  7. Self confidence is a must--especially for a writer.

  8. Lovely! You are enough. You are undeniably the best version of you. ;)

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