1 February 2015

Smile; A Stile To Pile Good Relationships

"A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside." ~ Denis Waitley
Smile is one of the fine ingredients of my philosophy: SSS: Simplicity, Silence and Smile, those always better me in any situation, indeed my best friend just like my bulky books. I buy William Arthur Ward's citation; "A warm smile is the universal language of kindness." So powerful is the smile that it can awake the sleeping anger and convert it into a lovable, peaceable goodness. So powerful is the smile that the clouds will move apart for the sun's rays in Anna Lee's words; "Remember even thought the outside world might be raining, if you keep on smiling the sun will soon show its face and smile back at you."

2014 had already become a history and when I browse through the bygone 2014 pages of my mind, it gives me a reason to smile for miles. A year that had cemented my relationships with the surrounding people and places, only through the becoming bridge of Smile; A Stile To Pile Good Relationship.

Being in foreign land and experiencing new atmosphere for the very first time will obviously be achingly difficult. And the deficient way of getting connected with new people will be another bugbear that makes you weak in a week. It doesn't mean giving up instantly, if it is, it can happen only in the heart of pessimist, while there will be plenty of formulas for an optimist. And one such fruitful formula is Smile.

Owning a heart of optimism, bearing a mind of enthusiasm and wearing a mask of smile, then finally walking among the people will be the sweetest experience you will ever have and the God's honest truth is, it will worth a million dollars. Every time you look at a people, you will feel yourself looking at a mirror because your smile will be reflected from all the angles. Wearing a mask of smile for a day can enrich your life more than bearing a usual mask for a month.

Since most of the time, I find myself wearing that mask of smile, I feel devilishly happy to calculate the result yielded by it. When I came here for the first time, I knew nobody apart from my usual close friends. When I stayed here for few months, I knew few more college friends. Now, my relationship circle has expanded beyond the college boundary and extended beyond my apartment border. Now, I know many people around and the best thing I can ever get from them when we meet, is a hearty welcome of sweet smile that always makes me feel that I am at home.

I would love to share how many people I have become close to through my smile and this is indeed an excellent harvest of my year 2014 in terms of my relationship beyond me.

1. A man who owns xerox machine near my college; I still remember the first day with him, how he denied to reflect my smile. Time to time I did again and again. Then timely, he smiled at me. When ever I pass by his stall I wish him with my smile and he does reflect. This is how our friendship began through a smile. Now, we have become good friends and he has benefited me a lot. Sometimes, when I find my purse missing during my urgent need he would offer me a credit to do xerox. The next thing is I must pay him on time or else our friendship might become boring.

2. A man, who is a cobbler; He also resides just opposite side of aforementioned man, near my college gate. Every time, I happen to pass by, I make it my rule to wish him sincerely, so does he. Now, we talk as if we have been friends for ages. I love the way he drives his life for simple living and has become my source of inspiration.

3. A helper staff man at my college; Now, I feel we have become enjoyable friend. Every time we meet, he would tease me with the name of my apartment and all I would do is to stare and smile. During New Year time, he was jokingly asking me for a New Year cake. Last time, I gave and he was blushing with his word; "I was just joking." I knew that, and I know the giving always inspires me.

4. A helper staff woman at my college; She is sincere and punctual and does her job diligently. Whenever, I meet her, I wish her in her language that I know not much. Oftentimes, she would nod with a smile and many a times, I would wonder if I have wished her correctly with her language.

5. A man owning a stall; Sometimes, during lunch time, we would go to have junk food from his stall and this is how our story began. Now we it has been long time that I didn't visit him but some times we happen to meet, he knows me well and we wish each other, usual with smiles.

Again there are so many people around my apartment that I know well. Remember, if I had not smile at them, probably I could have missed my good relations with my above friends and this is how smile can spread yourself beyond yourself. The situation of my life would have been much different if I have been a serious and po-faced cookie, but what can I say of my life now, it's invariably worth driving with those wheels of smile that will keep my wills for miles.

I love knowing miracles of my mind and this is how my books have helped me. I love cementing fruitful relationship with people and this is how my smile has leaped me. My best friends are my books and smiles, whom I can sincerely trust them in any situation. Read a book at yourself, smile a smile at peoples around, life shall reward you in magnificence.

Next time, you find yourself not smiling, ask a mask from your heart and do it sincerely, you shall feel a million dollars in your hand.


  1. Yes you are right brother..A genuine smile can bring happiness on others. It is also one of the most vital essences of our lives. A smile need not necessarily build relationships with others as long as it gives them a happiness even for a single day. Therefore, it is essential to keep smiling at others no matter if it is paid back or not, we won't be at loss either. Rather we will get satisfaction within ourselves. So smile at everyone at anytime, anywhere...Good post bro....keep sharing...:)

  2. SO True :) I remembered something, There's a shop in Thimphu that has a sticker that reads `Smile, It costs nothing`, and you get inside the shop, you will wonder, is there anyone as angry as this woman anywhere? It is understandable sometimes, you have your own issues, but its like everytime.. :) Any ways, I really like your write ups.. Keep up..

  3. wow,this miracle seems to help me to have acquaintance with many lovely people.Thanks for writing such inspirational words.Tomorrow i am gonna smile to one....lets see how it would react at my first smile..

  4. Overwhelming piece, dear Ugyen :) I do smile but not always. I shall wear the mask right away. I want to smile through all kinds of situation. In days to come I shall enjoy the outcome I yield. Yes! A simple step to be better me. Thank you for having me guided. Your writings have always been inspirational. Have a great week ahead. Take Care!

  5. Very good writing on smile la... smile is the language of beautiful heart.