27 January 2015

Of "Very Inspiring Blogger Award"

"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it." ~ William Arthur Ward

I should be sincerely offering my huge heartfelt thankfulness to Dumcho Sir, who enthusiastically blogs at his appealing and compelling weblog Dumcho's NOTEBOOK. And to Rima ma'am, who aesthetically blogs at her blooming and charming weblog Overcome Life. Once again, my soul-felt happy gratitude for your nomination. But the question is do I really deserve this award? I may not be as I have browsed blogs which must deserve before me or I may be as there will never be a better my blog than my blog, indeed everyone's blog is.

I presume that the theme of this award is to encourage bloggers and lift them as high as they wish to heighten in their blog. This is all-important because blog is an open window through which you can let your expressions to flow and spread length and breadth of this world. The fact is, it's beautifully happening. It's happening to me, to all my fellow bloggers. Your words spoken from your lovable mouth cannot be heard by all, so blog is your an amplified mouth.
Here is few rules to be followed by Award Recipient ;
1. Thank the person with link who nominated you for thankfulness creates happiness.
2. Display the Award on your blog for one may love to see one's award.
3. Sincerely, describe seven points about yourself for others shall know you.
4. Nominate fifteen bloggers for the award through links and inform them about the nomination for they will also love to feel great to have received the award and multiply happiness.

Seven Abstracts you would love to know about me:
1. I am a Bibliophile. I have always been passionate about books. I love reading books, my-type of books. My dream to have a library at my own home has always been my passion since my school days and my heart says I can really do it. Reading has always inspired me for it is the only door through which I can get to read the minds of those great leaders, writers, thinkers, philosophers, scientists, and so on. Reading fills my hunger and quench my thirst. I shall always keep reading my best friends for I know what William Godwin really has to say when he said; "He that loves reading has everything within his reach."

2. I am an aficionado of Miracles of Our Own Mind. We know much about the distant stars and sun, about tiniest atoms and cells, we know of science and technology, we know about computers and machines. In short we know all. But do we really know about that three pound brain that rest just on our shoulders? Not really. And its mystery and miracles has always been mesmerizing me. I yearn to learn miracles of our own mind for mind is the only place where everything originates from it. That's why I live books and reading. Great people say, as long as one has mind to think, one can do everything which equals to saying nothing is possible. I always always been passionate about our own miraculous mind and its mystery to miracles.

3. I live Benevolence; I believe in Albert Einstein's fruitful wisdom; "Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile." I love helping people, no matter whether I know or not, no matter how small the thing to be done maybe. It brings happiness to me when I am able to help others and the feelings that I can through benevolence is very magnificent. Sometimes, I just find myself appreciating for what I have done to others. Benevolence light and delight my heart in every angle. Many a times, I feel that the main purpose in my life is to be benevolent and help others as much as I can.

4. Encouragement; I love being encouraged sincerely and encouraging others. The best words I love to hear from my parents and friends is this word ENCOURAGEMENT. And once given to me I can gather my courage to do my desires and dreams. Whenever I find myself among friends, I try my best to encourage them sincerely for I know how I feel when I receive it. When you meet me do encourage me.

5. I Smile a lot; Please don't ask me the reason why I smile for I will not ask you why do you eat food. I feel it is my innate quality and I can't stop it. I buy that smile has a lot to speak than just a curve and that you know very well. One fine day you just try yourself smiling sincerely at the mirror, then you will know the reason why I smile. Next time, if we happen to meet ask for my smile not for the reason to smile.

6. I love Silence: I am a person who would die for silence. I talk not much unless I need to. Silence suits me a lot. I remember the time when my dad once advised me: "At least talk something to the other you meet or else they will think you as dumb." Till then, I have always tried myself to speak at least a word but more or less I find myself  buried within silence. Next time, we happen to meet, meet my heart and encourage me to speak.

7. I love Cooking: Cooking has recently become my hobbies and my mom being a great cook, makes me regret why I didn't learn to cook when I was with her. Nevertheless, I have been learning zealously from my beloved friends. One special quality that makes a great husband can be the ability to cook for his dear wife from time to time. I cannot stop myself from wishing to be that one Lol. Sometimes, I find myself preparing meaty curries for my beloved friends though I am a vegetarian.

As per the rule I have to nominate fifteen bloggers. Here is my nomination and I wish them happy congratulation, your blog has always inspired and encouraged me that's why I have been taking time to steal stuffs from your blog.
1. Sherab Tenzin's Blog
2. My Attitude
3. Langa Tenzin's Blog
4. Sangay Phuntsho's Blog
5. Dreams That I Dream and Pages of My Life
7. Library of my Life
8. kingyen
9. The Reflections of My Hidden Images
10. Diary that never tell lies
12. amateur writings
13. Doorway to my Thoughts
14. Untold tories and un-revealed thoughts
15. Ozhen Dorji's Outmaneuver Justice

Note; There are some more to be nominated but as the one I did plan have already been nominated by other bloggers, I know you won't feel uneasy for not finding your deserved blog in my list.

I am happy to have met you all through blogs and you all seem to be an awe-inspiring bloggers for a learner like me. I take this time to thank you all for your sincere inspiration. Always keep blogging and sharing your expressions for sharing speaks with boldness as per the Law of Division.


  1. A wonderful post, bro. And thank you for the nominating my blog. I will post about it on my blog soon. keep writing. I can see how zealous and ardent a reader and writer you are. Keep doing. :)

  2. Hi Ugyen! Your fact no 5 is exactly like me. Me too love to smile :) No matter what mood I'm in, I always remind myself to smile hehe...

    And ladies, please read the fact about Ugyen no 7!!! Ups, I mean, ladies who loves to eat, just like me only hahaha.... One day when we meet, I want to try your curry! And please teach me how to do it la! ;)

    Nice post and keep up your habits la! ;)

  3. Thank you Ugyen for nominating me. I wonder whether I have really inspired you and deserve to be nominated in that list. Yet I want to thank you for your nomination - it is always wonderful to get nominated in such awards by our fellow bloggers. I will have my response soon. Keep going brother

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  5. all facts of you are terrific.bro..Always be the man of words..and thank you so much for having me nominated for such a special award. It really means a lot for me. I am not only thankful for the nomination but also for being the source of inspiration. Besides you always boost me to take another step ahead towards the journey of blogging and fuels up my passion into blogging. Thank you for everything you did, you are doing and you will be doing for me...

  6. Hi..frankly I was shocked to know that ,you nominated me too. In the first place i hardly write,and those written are mere amateur writing.it W's award moment When I realized that am also being followe haha..though I made sure it won't go public. Haha
    But I adore your writingsearch and keep up the same spirit. ..

  7. So much like the Liebster Award. Well deserved. :)

  8. thanks friend, i don't if i really am an inspiration but still do keep writing...it is ne platform where we all learn each other...

  9. Super thanks bro....i think we are one of a kind....!!!

  10. It's good to have a love for books. You can learn so much through reading.