15 January 2015

Mind Unfathomed Mine

For someone who knows and rules one's own mind, for many who know to solve the equation of our own mind and for those who have learned the greater depth of our mind. For aforementioned people, mind would be a fertile garden where plenty of fruitful seeds can be sown and beautiful flowers can be grown. And for only such people they have known and shown the equation of life.

While for others, we got to learn and yearn to solve this equation. We got to strive and thrive among the glitches this equation may invite in between. Here is the story, indeed a fable from the little page of the book; Road to Success, Timeless Advice for Today by Napoleon Hill Foundation on 'Mind Unfathomed Mine';

"What do you KNOW about your own mind? What do you know about any other mind? An old lady had been bed-ridden for twelve years, unable to turn over without help. Came to that home one day a man who understood a little, but not very much perhaps, about the strength of the human mind. He gathered the old lady's relatives around him and promised to cure her if they would all arrange to leave the house and let the old lady know that she was absolutely alone.

"After they had all cleared out this man slipped into the room, unnoticed, and set fire to the old lady's bed. With a scream and a single leap she gathered her wraps about her and ran from that room as though nothing were wrong with her. From that day on she remained out of bed. She was bed-ridden nowhere except in her own mind, the self - same place where most of us remain in poverty and failure and grief."

I am achingly sure that after reading above story, many of us would take this story as a cock-and-bull story because obviously this story is extremely hard to swallow. And I know majority of us will hardly buy it. I won't care much about your say-so or opinion, you may have your rights.

But for someone, like above man, who set fire to the old lady's bed, who has basic idea about the strength of the human mind, has got a lot to explain on the principles governing the miraculous mind and its abilities, capabilities to perform miracles.

 Though I am an aficionado of mystery and miracle of our own mind, I may not be able to practically prove like him but I shall have to keep learning and keep on keeping on for I know my equation of life solely and majorly is rooted in the equation of my miraculous and powerful mind. And so is yours and of all, for Buddha phrased; "The mind is everything. What you think you become."

The last line of above story which is in bold speaks boldly with boldness. If you have understood the theme of above story then you have understood the whole picture of your life and its mechanism. The law that governs above story is the same law that governs your daily experiences of your life. Your happiness or dolefulness, your way to poverty or richness, your success or failure and so on and so forth, all, necessarily have to stay under this law, no matter whether it rains or sun shines.

To live your life the way you bagsy is to understand the all-important equation of your life which is deeply rooted in the ultimate equation of your mind. Solve the equation of your mind and you shall have solved the equation of your life.


  1. It's true la Ugyen! It's all in our mind. That's why we have to control as it can somehow go wild and dangerous ^^ Very insightful post! Keep writing! :)

  2. truly said bro...mind is a driver who drives the car of our lives....

  3. Well said bro. Shakespeare said, nothing is neither good or bad, but thinking makes it so. Keep sharing la.

  4. Mind is but an undefinable entity. But we ought to know our own. Many substances ingrained in your story. Nice read.

  5. Our mind is the most powerful tool we have. Whatever we think we can do, we will. Great post again. :)

  6. Hi Ugyen, I have nominated you for the very inspiring blow award. visit my blog for more information.