18 January 2015

Road To Success - Timeless Advice For Today

This small big booklet contains a series of fifteen articles famously known as Billboards on the Road to Success written by one of my awe-inspiring superheroes Napoleon Hill, the man whom I always look upon. Believe it or not, these articles are exactly as Hill typed them on his old manual typewriter and they can worth a million dollars in our daily life for they speak on success.
As soon as we reach at a time where we began to think of success of any field, we began to work and sort out the paths we must take to reach our planned destination. It can be compared, for instance, learning to write a perfect sentence for the first time. First, we got to know alphabets, then mix them to form meaningful words, need to learn grammar and rules. Only after these, one can write a perfect sentence. This story is same in case of success and there are basic guiding principles those guide you to what you really want to get out of your life.

It isn't the question whether you can do it or not. But it's all about how you build your bridges to reach at the other part of your choices. So in this book Dr. Hill shares one of his finest paths to success those will lead to our dreamland. No matte who you are, if you sincerely follow these, you will be abundantly rewarded.

Dr. Hill welcomes the readers with his first billboard of Definite Aim in one's life followed by Self-Confidence, Initiative, Imagination, Enthusiasm, Action, Self-Control, Going Extra Mile, Attractive Personality, Accurate Thought, Concentration, Persistence, Learning From Failure, Tolerance and Golden Rule. If you're a success conscious cookie, you may take time to read, it won't take much of your time but I am devilishly sure it will take much of your attention. You will be inspired by his wise wisdom and invaluable values.

My earth-shattering point here will be, always remember that each individual is the most important person in the world and everybody's presence and contribution is very much needed. More importantly, in everyone of us has those elements of success. All of us have these so call ingredients to make ourselves what we really desire. How about those latent forces? We have all those powerful latent forces to attain happiness and fruitfulness.

All we got to do is to try training ourselves everyday to get hold of those elements and latent forces.


  1. Ugyen sir all and all I knew that I must read that book. Thanks for sharing. Hope all is well with you.

  2. thanks for sharing with us selflessly bro...hope everything is fine with you..stay safe and sound..

  3. Hope i can read the book one day~