10 January 2015

Just Love Yourself

Sometimes I find myself reading someone's Facebook status and many a time, I find myself wondering why someone dolefully updates it. Their status breaks my heart on this earth. I know that everyone of us has the right to update any feelings and expressions on our Facebook Timeline and that's why Facebook is one of the footholds where we can stand boldly and express vociferously. But my earnest request is your unsuitable status.

Please don't update your status saying that you don't love yourself or you hate your life or you are too nasty to be here or so many related those belong to this family. I have often been reading these and hope others have too. They make me to wonder and ponder what you have been undergoing that triggered you to update such kind of unacceptable and unsound status. I wish I could travel into your mind so that I can measure your thoughts and judge you.

Life is just a roller coaster clothed in unknown ups and unspoken downs, travelling with the wheel of uncertainty. Besides, life is beautiful and fruitful to be experienced. So why complain about life when you drive it? Why complain to the car for going in wrong direction when the driver is driving it? Ask the driver. Ask yourself. Because, you drive your life.

So feel yourself wholeheartedly, have your mind of optimism and heart of enthusiasm for I know you can surely do it for I know you can. Never think bad about yourself or write unpleasant about your dear beloved life. There is a great affect upon yourself, because the thoughts you think, words you speak, expressions you express and feelings you write will determine the quality of life you will be living. That's why the pages of great books and great minds teach us to think positive thoughts, speak hopeful words and write beautiful lines everywhere.

Remember the Law of Attraction what you give to the universe will return to you exactly the same but in much quantity. You show happiness, you shall be happy. You show dolefulness, you shall be doleful. Happiness attracts happiness and sadness attracts sadness.

To the mirror you express yourself, you shall have known the ultimate truth and beauty of life.


  1. Beautiful! Hope they read this post! Have a wonderful weekend Ugyen! :)

  2. Wonderful message dear Benzene :) Those people shall truly be informed with this beautiful piece of yours. Loved it. Have a great weekend. Take Care!

  3. good observations bro...I am sure your inspiring words will induce some individuals to a better way.. anyway hope everything is fine with you....takcr bro...

  4. Regarding the law of attraction, I don't know whether it really happened to me but there is a documentary known by the name 'Secrets', that speaks it all. You have made volumes of valid points on life. Life is certainly not very easy to drive although we are born to be a driver of our own life.
    Have a good day brother.

  5. thats wonderful and inspiring. we ought to love ourselves for all the reasons we are and we are not.

  6. thats wonderful and inspiring. we ought to love ourselves for all the reasons we are and we are not.