26 October 2014

An Epistle to My Legendary Personage

"Every adversity, every failure, and every heartache, carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit." ~ Napoleon Hill

As usual as I wish my lovable Facebook friends on their unwonted birthday, with thirsty curiosity and courtesy, may I take your ephemeral complete attention of an inestimable time to wish you on your 131st birthday with profound elation and palpable effusion of exhilaration. May almighty god bless you with all his mighty might and our praising prayers, with you only. Though, your impermanent body had already perished, your eternal, vernal soul that I always cherish is still living in your awe-inspiring works. You are living eternally in the hearts of every people who treasure your works which are of an immense measure. On behalf of your admirers and devotees, once again, Happy Bright Birthday.

Though I have discovered tenacious you and your zealous works very recently, I feel as if I have gained invaluable values those will drag me to the field of magnetism and I will attract not an iron or steel but joy and success of my own dyed-in-the-wool wishful thinking. I feel broken-hearted to say that your beloved mummy had left you very early with your downhearted daddy but I am absolutely delighted to say that you were fortunate to welcome an optimistic step-mother, who encouraged you to be what I would really love to be. And only through her encouragement and your fortitude, you became a man of success, a man of mind, a man of letters and a man of destiny. Indeed, that's why you phrased, every adversity, every failure, and every heartache, carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit. Eminent. Empirical. Enthusiastic.

The pages of  history is filled with your doughty doings, my room with your booming books and my mind, all clothed in your philosophies. That sounds a kind of wow! for me and my dear beloved soul. I cannot prevent myself from reading and rereading your thoughts for surely I shall be treading towards my giant goals and dauntless dreams. You are my deathless hero, you are my superhero who shall guide me through labyrinthine and byzantine path of mine and I shall do it by myself for we know my yearning. Promise me, I will listen to you and be your admiring doer. 

Life uncertainly comes to us once at this time, not in dreams, not in sleep but in reality to feel and who (an eager beaver like me) would let it byplay regretfully, all in vain. I am not ready to either loose or give up this battle of my life but I am well prepared to face the challenge and I shall taste its the gist. I know I can cause I know I can.

You know I am invariably deeply moved by your unsurpassed best-selling books, some I have and rest I must get it by hook or by crook. I shall heartily welcome your noteworthy and trustworthy books to my bookshelf of my own mighty mind. There is and there will always be aplenty of spacious room for your once-in-a-lifetime thoughts. I shall always cherish your earth-shattering thoughts in every possible way and try implementing them in every feasible way. God's honest truth is I can decidedly do it for I know, I believe, I am a great white hope of this nice nation-creation. Indeed, every one of us is.

I am honored to have come across you and your thoughts of books because since the time I came across you, my life has been graduating and flowering, fruitfully as the water-lily bud in Naoshi Koriyama's poem, Unfolding Bud. And before that bud perishes, I must toil passionately, oil courageously and have done with it. You have taught me the wonders which forced me to ponder. You have preached me the abilities and capabilities of everyone human being. You have infused me with the obscure unlimited powers that resides within us. You have diffused me in the limitless sea of opportunities and you know I shall swim to the best of my ability with enthusiastic enthusiasm and optimistic optimism.

The wisdom that I had accepted vaguely from you has now not become hard to swallow but I am ever ready to digest it for I took time to browse the thoughts of other innumerable great writers and dynamic philosophers. And all they enlightened me was as same as what you had exactly taught me, I pay my credit of utmost gratitude to them as they helped me to crystallize my thoughts.

The power of our subconscious mind, the power of master mind, the power of sexual transmutation, the power of autosuggestion and applied faith, persistence and imagination, the mastery of decision making and organized planning, the might of burning obsessive desires and accurate thoughts, the wonders of going extra mile and enthusiasm and tolerance, the very juice of cosmic habit force and positive mental attitude, those you had creatively mentioned repeatedly in your every book, though seem complicated and quizzical, once one understands, then they would mean all the world to the learners. The very lifeblood of these powers is belief because; "believe you can and you're halfway there," as quoth by Theodore Roosevelt. To reveal my secret, I too find them complicated and convoluted but my patience, persistence and perseverance have always been galvanizing me to be the 'Oasis in The Desert of Lost Hope' as penned by you in your classical book, Think and Grow Rich.

As said by you; "If you do not conquer self, you will be conquered by self," I say certainly on your extraordinary day by an ordinary man, that I will always be the master of my own inner self, have positive mental attitude, try my best to yield your every principle and philosophy. Over and above, I will prove to be the Oasis in The Desert of Lost Hope.

On this special day of yours, I shall have a window of opportunity to pay my tribute to the courage and bravery of your selfless life for the benefits of one and all, humankind. Your neighborly twenty-year dedication for the invention of 'Think and Grow Rich' has really inspired me to cogitate about your personality, how impressive! Highly appreciative and speechless. My warm-hearted regards to Mister Big, Andrew Carnegie for his ever lasting support and encouragement in the making of your dreams and themes come true. I know he must have heard my words.

I have learned zillions of lessons from you those are pearl of pearls, those will never fail to brighten me. I live them and they are my guiding principles, the rudders of my boat and the engine of my life. I am deeply in love with your thoughts and I shall compliment my heartfelt words of thankfulness and soul-felt lexis of gratefulness for your wholesomeness which will shine for eternal eons. I bow wholeheartedly to you for all your wise wisdom. One final thing, your quote: "whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve," is achingly motivational and inspirational. Keep inspiring. Keep encouraging. Keep helping me. Keep on keeping on.

As written by Norman Vincent Peale in the last sentence of his book, The Power of Positive Thinking; "we may never meet in person, but in this book we have met," I am gladdened that I am meeting you everyday through your awe-inspiring books and will always be in contact with you, eagerly. I adore you, my superb superhero Dr. Napoleon Hill

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