12 December 2014

I SMILE always because, I always brush my teeth

"A smile is a curve that sets everything straight." ~ Phyllis Diller

One day, I was heading to my math class. As usual, whenever I meet my friends and strangers, I greet them through my smile, so I greeted him with a same new smile from ear to ear, so did he. Then followed by some words of goodness. Usually I prefer to remain silent and smile rather than to speak. That's how I was grown up, it's my way of life. So next time, if we happen to meet and if I don't talk with you, please don't feel bad, instead feel good with my smile.

But I didn't understand why he bothered to ask this question. He stared at me for some minutes and asked me, "I always find you smiling, can you tell me why do you smile always?"

I dissolved into silence, my heart was surprised, my mind, What is this, Ugyen? and my mouth stretched from ear to ear giving a crescent smile, once again we found smiling at each other. I felt as if he was asking me; "I always find you eating food, can you tell me why do you eat food always?"

"What to say now?" my heart breathed, while my mind was busy turning its pages for the answer. With little thought, my mind did it.

"I always smile, because I always brush my teeth. And I find you not always smiling. And that proves that you rarely brush your teeth." Within a split second, he laughed a belly laugh. I always joke with my friends and unlike other's jokes, my joke is very intelligent and most of the time it makes the victim to wonder and ponder about the subject.

"Is it really true?" He gave me a quizzical look, still roaring with laughter.

"Yeah, True!" I nodded, trying to make it no more funny.

Then, I asked; "Why do you eat food?"

"We eat food to live." He cut it short for obvious that he knew that I knew.

"You eat food to live, for physical health. The tell me how about your emotional health. Do you serve it any food?" He shrugged his shoulders.
"If you love to be physically healthy, eat nutritious food and  if you love to be emotionally wealthy, try yourself a sincere smile, every time, everywhere, to everybody. I am absolutely sure that the time you began to smile is the only time you will began to feel good about yourself. Besides, if you smile to everyone, you will spread happiness in the hearts of every people you meet. Live, Paramahansa Yongananda's wisdom; "Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts."

How do you feel when you don't brush your teeth? How do you feel when you brush your teeth? I have to brush my teeth otherwise I will be engulfed in uneasiness. I have to smile for most of the times otherwise all of my days will be wasted.

Even when my blog can always brush its teeth, why can't you?

So You, yeah YOU! Who is reading, "I SMILE always because, I always brush my teeth" at this moment, some day if you find yourself not smiling please remember that you hadn't brush your teeth. You must be ashamed of your teeth for not brushing it and you must be ashamed of your beautiful mouth (lipstick-mouth for ladies) for not smiling. Especially for ladies, it's no use of applying lipstick if you don't smile. Smile will boast the appearance of your lipstick if you smile. I apply my kind of lipstick; smile, which I get it for free unlike yours (Lol) and I can give it for free if you wish.


  1. While smile is the first language of communicating likeliness and acceptance, many often ignores it. Next time, if you smile, I will understand that you don't talk much. haha.

  2. Laughing has many good facts in life --- scientifically good for health, sign of gesture and warmness one shows to other colleagues and so on...so keep on laughing ...tc

  3. wow..nice one bro....really appreciative and inspiring...thank you..keep smiling always as you do....

  4. Smile is the universal language of kindness said somebody.

  5. its beautifully writtten and anybody who reads this will surely smile.keep smiling