10 December 2014

Human Rights Day : Human Rights 365

"Human Beings, indeed all sentient beings, have the right to pursue happiness and live in peace and freedom." ~ 14th Dalai Lama

Human Rights Day is annually observed on 10th December to remind us that as long as one lives one has the full right to express one's mind, express one's actions to lead one's own planned life WITHOUT harming or disturbing other's rights. In another way, one has one's own area of freedom where one is freed devilishly completely unless one steps in others' boundary of area of freedom just like the one. Please do make thoughtfully sure, that when you drive a car of your own life, you do not spoil the engine of other cars. It's good if you don't harm others, my thumbs up to you. It's better if you help others, my sincere bow for you.

This year's slogan for the day is; Human Rights 365, which boldly bespeaks that every individual has been born to live a life of freedom in every moment of one's life. And it is absolutely as true as no sooner do we close our eyes than we become blind.

I probably believe that it isn't necessary to observe Human Rights Day nor we need a day reserved for the day. But evidently we observe the day and this shows the degree of rationalism in human beings. Because naturally, everyday is a human rights day in every life and we are here to exercise our own rights. Therefore, every usual day is a human rights day and there isn't much use to observe 10 December as Human Rights Day for we are observing everyday. But it is different. God gave us to spend a life of freedom but we are ourselves, who limit our freedom.

Just as laws aren't necessary for those perfect people, this day is a usual day for those who believe the freedom and rights, which are god-gifted because those are the people who sincerely live up to it everyday and that is how they observe the day everyday, every moment for all. Laws shall get decayed if every citizen act as naturally as they should and we shall never have to observe this human rights day, if everyone of us observes it everyday.

Okay, let me make my point clear for I have my rights to make it and sure, you have the rights to buy my ideas or deny your aye for me. I must reveal these two reasons for observing the day, the day talks on;
1. Humankind's Self-Image; Dear humankind, do measure your degree of naturalism and rationalism.
2. Human Rights 365; Everybody has the right of freedom in any time, any field unless one disturbs others.

1. Humankind's Self-Image; By observing this day, we are confusing ourselves whether we really are sincerely moving ahead for the Human Rights 365 or something unclear, left unnoticed. Our freedom and right of birth, itself signifies that we have rights to live and do. So who are the one to suppress and depress our natural rights to everything? Come here, I will kick your butt! We have right for sight that's why we have eyes. We have right for smell that's why we have nose. We have right for speech that's why we have mouth. We have right for thoughts that's why we have mind. And God gave these senses to everyone thinking about our freedom of rights those we must exercise without polluting other's rights for light.

Let me explain...something unclear, left unnoticed...as mentioned above. Why do we observe this day behind the theme Human Rights 365? We observe the day because we have been diverging from our naturalism and rationalism. We have been not respecting others' rights while exercising our own rights or we have been abusing others' rights. My simple example as if makes you clearer, at present times, we do not observe 'Rapists Eradication Day' but who knows in near future if the rape cases increases by geometric progression we shall have to observe which means, no day becomes significant unless it is made it. But if the rape cases run down to zero then, we shall not have to observe any 'Rapist Eradication Day'. So 'Human Rights' Day has the same story to narrate. If we aren't observing this day, it means that everybody is respecting one's own rights where peace and bliss dance everywhere. 

2. Human Rights 365; As aforementioned, Human Rights 365 is the theme for 2014's day which displays that now there are situations where we fail and forget to respect others' rights, so just to remind that, a day is specially kept so that we realize our mistakes, learn from it and yearn to respect others dawning from oneself. That's how we gather happiness and father fruitfulness among ourselves. Everybody in every moment in everyday in every week in every month in every year deserves 'Human Rights' to live every life.

As phrased by Liu Xiaobo, "Free expression is the base of human rights, the root of human nature and the mother of truth. To kill free speech is to insult human rights, to stifle human nature and to suppress truth," all of us are destined to own and exercise this rights for it is the God's honest truth. We are just like plants living in larger scale, where earth serves us as much as the roots can absorb as many nutrients as it can. Next time, if you realize that you are abusing your rights, please kindly have patience to realize that you are cutting the roots of other plants, depriving people of their rights over nutrients.

Since the adoption and proclamation of this day on 10th December 1948, this day has been bespeaking majorly on Women's Rights for, "Human rights are women's rights, and women's rights are human rights," as honestly quoth by Hillary Clinton because Women's Rights deprivation had been buried in the pages of history since the dawn of civilization. Now as we head ahead to live in Space Age, as we fight for everybody's rights, it is a glad news that we are successfully realizing our expectations but still is some far-flung corners of earth this information on human rights need to be heard and reared for one has the right to live and thrive.

On this 66th Human Rights Day, I on behalf of Thoughtfolio and the humankind, wish every individual a Confident Human Rights Day, you have this human right to light your life and be confident of yourself for you shall live your life. As important as this, remember to respect other's rights for we respect our rights. Life is a freedom of expression through you, so express yourself confidently and vociferously and move towards your high-flying dreams and themes.


  1. Nice reading...keep sharing la..

  2. Human rights must be valued above anything else. Always nice to read your great intellectual.

  3. beautifully written bro...thanks for sharing the information...It is a new knowledge for me, for I haven't heard or known that today's day is observed as the" Human right day"..which I feel is so momentous day in our life as you have mentioned vividly....I had a great time going through your marvelous post...

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  6. Dear Ugyen, I shall need no book if I stick on to your page. Your words are simply magical. An overwhelming piece. Loved it. Good Day. Take Care!