12 October 2014

A Bright Birthday Gift From Singapore

"The things I want to know are in books; my best friend is the man who'll get me a book I ain't read." ~ Abraham Lincoln

I had a thirsty curiosity for the book: "Search Inside Yourself," since a beautiful, radiant Singaporean blogger, Rima Reyka, who aesthetically blogs at her glamorous weblog Overcome Life, asked me to message my addressee for the book as my birthday gift. Who won't be me, when it comes to gifts? 

I went on 7th day to inquire about my package, but the watchman did not receive any. Anew, I went on 9th day, cautiously the watchman asked me to contact the staff, as ushered I contacted the staff. They apprised me to keep my contact number for the parcel, as directed I did keep. At around three pm they called me and smilingly, I got my parcel, indeed my bright birthday gift. I was breezy and cheery for the book suited me anxiously, Search Inside Yourself, was obviously a my-type of book that I would love reading and decoding. Thank you Rima ma'am for your suitable gift for me. A my-type of book is more than enough that I can expect from my friends.

As soon as I reached home, I messaged her in her Facebook chat box about her gift's arrival, this is the exact message; Hi Rima Ma'am, your birthday gift has finally reached here, it's with me now. I am too curious to open it but I will wait for my birthday, only during my birthday I am going to open it. Thank you so much for this, I am speechless I mean I cannot find the best words to describe as a word of thankfulness. It means lot to me and it means more than a gift. Once again thank you for your becoming gift and I am gonna make my life's motto as "Search Inside Myself'" as per your gifted book "Search Inside Yourself." Thank you so much. Kadrin Che La! Hope you and your dear beloved husband and son, are all doing great with sound in health. God bless you. Take Care. [Smile]

As written above about my newly designed motto of my life; "Search Inside Myself", on my 21st Bright Birthday, I am hoping to work determinedly with my promising commitments for its  an apogee and fulfillment, for I truly believe in Aristotle's aphorism; "Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom." To have achieved this, I believe that books and my own mind are the only weapons I have to start my journey, indeed I have already happily started.

Once again, I on behalf of my own innate inner-self would kindly love to pay our heartfelt thankfulness and soul-felt gratefulness to Rima ma'am for your contribution in my motto and all my dear beloved friends (especially my near-dear friends who took all their precious time to stay till mid-night for your surprise wishes for cake and snacks, you have taught me the facts of friendships) for your true-blue wishes on my Bright Birthday and it means a lot to me. May you all be blessed and blissful, today and always, with all almighty God's might.

Many of my Facebook friends wished me and all I could do was to smile and reply their wishes with this neighborly common messages: Thank you so much Mr/Ma'am for your heartfelt wishes and soul-felt hopes, they mean a lot to me. Hope lovable you, your dear beloved family members (hope you meet them through technology {if away}) and your benign friends are all doing great with sound in health. God bless you all, today, always, for eternity. Warm-hearted regards from me. Do Great. Take Care. [Smile * Bouquet * Smile]

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  1. Happy 21st Birthday to you once again Ugyen! I'm glad that the book has reached into your hand safely. But I think you over compliment me here la! ^^

    I'm glad that this book could bring a motto in your life and it's such a great insight that you could think like that. How I wish my son will be as wise as you at this age!

    So, wish all your dream and wish come true Ugyen! All the best to your study and life! Take care!