14 October 2014

A Breathtaking Visit To Golconda Fort, Hyderabad

"Friends are always friends no matter how far you have to travel back in time. If you have memories together, there is always a piece of your friendship inside your heart." ~ Kellie O' Conner

Sunday, 12th October, 2014
As quoth by Saint Augustine; "The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page," and I continue, by reading only a page of a book it would be impossible to extract the gist and gem of the book. Travelling is one of the most dazzling and dramatic part of life through which we blissfully get to discover more about the things, places and the people. Besides, it plays groundbreaking role in releasing disquiet and discomfiture, thus bringing much happiness and joyfulness.

After much deliberation, we (eleven of us) decided to make an engaging visit to Golconda Fort for we will get to read the page of the place and will have one less page to be read in near future. By, 10:00 am, three of us Yonten, Thinley and myself, we phoned the other members that we would be waiting at Birla Mandir. We started the day and within few minutes we reached there. I was glad that there were innumerable religious people who came to visit which convinced us that everyone of us believe the belief of God. It was astonishing for me when we had to visit with bare foot even for a flying visit and we weren't allowed to take our mobile phones and cameras. The greater beyond astonishment was I felt appreciative, cause that apprise us the quality of their stature for the sacred place.

I had congenial time browsing and studying the complicated architecture of Birla Mandir. Some had come with their family, while others with their sweethearts. I enjoyed watching the whole scene of whole city, relishing the cool breeze but its smell didn't suit me. While returning, my bare foot nearly got burned, it was as if stepping on embers. Waiting for a split of seconds, other friends came and we let them too have their visits.

Within one thousand and one steps, we appeared at the B.M. Brila Science Center, one of the most prestigious institution in the country. After paying our entrance fees, we entered the Museum. The museum was gargantuan. At the ground floor there was science exhibition where there were incalculable number of science practicals each with a description. We had fun time rooting and exploring the wonders of science. At first floor there was archaeological showcase permeated with various archaeological tools. The third floor read dinosauriam and I really had quizzical time analyzing the elephantine skeleton of dinosaur and pondering about its existence. It reminded me of the science fiction film "Jurassic Park." Gradually, we concluded, some hungry and some drowsy.

After that we left for Lumbini Park, it was second time I went. No sooner did we reach there, we requested for some eatables from restaurant and had it hungrily. We snapped photographs for we shall always love to cherish our memories. We transverse by ferry towards the ginormous Buddha statue that stood in the middle of the lake. We had flying visit, snapping photographs and watching the distant places. Those made our day even more bewitching.

By around 2:30 pm we headed towards Golconda Fort, our destination of the day. There were amplitude of people visiting the historic place from young to old. We just had cupcakes and started our splendid visit. The fort seemed rocky and it was a maze for one may get lost, nevertheless it was a major tourist attraction, beautiful and arresting. But I felt broken-hearted to see litters and detritus along the way and all around that really killed the charm of the fort. Human beings are always like that such an indiscipline. No one cares about it. We had tough time climbing rough slope but its beauty drove away all our exhaustion.

After making a satisfying visit, lastly, we sank ourselves in the circle that always serve our purpose. Bought some eatables and had it. We cracked jokes, dissolved into laughter and cherished the day when the sun dropped behind the horizon and gave a shadowy reflection. Time always flies and we shall ride on it superbly, making best use of it for we shall never have it once, gone and torn. Lastly, as obvious we waved bye bye to each others for all we had now were our memories those we will always cherish.

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  1. makes me feel like i had also gone with you guys...your description were clear....i m happy that you have had a grt day with your friends there....keep enjoying :)