4 September 2014

Ten Bridges to Build My Building

"The things I want to know are in books; my best friend is the man who'll get me a book I ain't read." ~ Abraham Lincoln.

Thank you Rima ma'am for nominating me in the #BookBucketChallenge. It serves me as a platform to share my books those I have been living for. As quoth by William Feather; "Books open your mind, broaden your mind, and strengthen you as nothing else can," my books  have been doing wonders and proving Feather's words since I heartily invited them in my life.

My dear beloved Books are the only weapon I have and going to have to challenge my life and the world ahead. Without them I would be 'Loafer in the Desert of Lost Hope.' If the world gives me the chance to have second best thing, then it would be the 'Books', obviously after my dear beloved parents. Nothing can compete the books, it is as powerful as we think.

You got to remember these two things which seem a bit of contradiction but it will make you to ponder but I am sure that certainly you will buy my 'thinking-thoughts.'  Can we
buy knowledge? No. It is an abstract. Then answer me, can we buy books? Yes. It is an object. Then put some mathematical ingredients in these two question which will give this final question; Can we buy knowledge through books? Yes. Evidently, we can be infused with knowledge through books. Only thing we need to do to solve this question is, we need to say high 'hello,' to Reading and live it as if it is your life. Don't forget to pay your concentration and interest, they will boost your specification.

Apropos my books and reading, usually I prefer reading books related to philosophy, biography, mind and its power, personal achievement, success and other related books. I am sorry to say that I rarely read novels but browsing through the reviews done by my friend bloggers, I feel that I too need to read some novels if I really would love to taste the gist of the book. I will read them one day. Some novels, I have read during my school days are; 'The Circle of Karma' by Kunzang Choden, 'Off Home Shore' by Dorji Wangchuk, 'If Tomorrow Comes' by Sidney Sheldon and other few books.

Here is the exact status of mine that I have updated yesterday in my face book timeline as per the nomination made my Rima ma'am, one of an enthusiastic bloggers, in the #BookBucketChallenge. For the more information and details on this  #BookBucketChalleneg, you can peruse this link.

"Thank you Rima Reyka ma'am for nominating me in the ‪#‎BookBucketChallenge‬ and I truly believe in Stephen King's Wisdom; "Books are a uniquely portable magic." The following are the 10 books those I have been living for;
1. Think and Grow Rich ~ Napoleon Hill
2. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind ~ Dr. Joseph Murphy
3. The Power of Positive Thinking ~ Norman Vincent Peale
4. How to Win Friends and Influence People ~ Dale Carnegie
5. Secrets of Mind Power ~ Harry Lorayne
6. The Quality of Leadership ~ Michael Hansbury
7. As A man Thinketh ~ James Allen
8. Sexual Energy transmutation ~ Jay Onwekwe
9. Secrets of the Ages ~ Robert Collier
10. The Magic of Believing ~ Claude Bristol 
Now I would love to nominate   Prakash SharmaGautam Rana Mongar,Chenga DawaBeebak GurungKezzang WangdiiTîka RámTrilochan SharmaDawa Dem, and Nityam Nepal, for the continuation of this challenge."

The above ten books are very much related to each other, I call them as, "Ten Bridges to Build My Building," because they are the unique roads those have same destination. I always consider them as different organs of my body performing various performance and the actual fact is their combination always give me a Life to Live; the ultimate destination. If I miss any one of these, then I won't be able to drive my life fruitfully. You just need to think what would happen to a person, if he/she misses one of its organs, either lung or leg. How miserable it would be, so is the same in me, if I miss one of those books.

For your kind information, Napoleon Hill (The Author of Think and Grow Rich) is the man whom I have been always yearning for. He is my ever man, or should I say, 'Dream Boy' as you say to your sweethearts. I have several numbers of his books as my collection. His books have been always inspiring and encouraging me. May his unusual wise wisdom bless me with all his might and I know I can do it. The other books are also profoundly great.

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