6 August 2014

Build your own Bridge

“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else." ~ Albert Einstein

We need to know much about ourselves and try discovering the secrets of our own inner voice that always speak from within but the fact is we never make time to listen to this almighty inner voice. Every body wants to become great and glad, and wants to achieve every goals that we shape in our own minds but we are too lazy to put those goals into actions which is the main reason why we are being pulled down to drains.

There are several reasons for the laziness that overtakes us, either it is because we are feeling uncomfortable with the opportunities provided by others or due to lack of enthusiasm or we are frozen by fear to accept it. When I say, 'uncomfortable with the opportunities offered by others,' it means that we don't have the basic requirements of that given opportunities which means it will be of no use at all. It will be just like a fish given with an opportunity to lay on the ground or an illiterate man with a pen and paper.

My chief point here is why not, 'build your own bridge,' to make perfect journey of your life with wish-fulfilled aspirations or may I borrow Milten Berle's statement to define my chief point; If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door, I add, so that you can build it in your own ways with your own requirements and the most important thing is, it will and it must definitely suit you. Only through this we will be able to experience both roots and fruits of wisdom of life.

Too many of us have the habits of waiting for the things to happen and right time to come to us, and this is the main reason why we are left behind waiting and waiting, that makes us keep waiting desultorily. We are made to make no difference at all. Our life is wasted and the time is gone. Remember, we cannot wait for the future things to happen now because everything is systematically pre-planned and everything has its own time to get displayed. Today is today and you must be today but not tomorrow because tomorrow you have to be tomorrow. In short, "Now is the right time," according to Lotus Sutra.

The poet Evangeline Wilkes beautifully puts in;
On the sands of hesitation,
Lay the bones of countless millions,
Who at the dawn of victory
Sat down to wait,
And waiting - died! 

Many of us complain that we are not given with enough opportunities or platforms where we can display our abilities and aptitudes, I believe real opportunity comes from within, from ourselves, from our inner realization with the thoughts of turning ourselves into our dreams. No one is going to provide us the best springboard apart from ourselves because,"Nobody knows more about you than you. No one sees life through your eyes, hears with your ears, smell through your nose, tastes with your mouth, feels through your skin, or is aware of your intuition as acutely as you are," as said by Dr. Darren R. Weissman in his awe-inspiring book The Power of Infinite Love and Gratitude. I feel we are the best for ourselves and we must be give first priority.

Starting from the small things like, waiting for our parents and teachers to come and teach us to fulfilling our dreams and inventing in the filed of science, we must think thoughtfully and act zealously so that we can create our own opportunities and have them fulfilled right in front of us. As said by George Bernard  Shaw, "Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself," I feel instead of searching for opportunities it would be best if we can create it, for all we want is the accomplishments out of it.


  1. What a deep insight and thoughtful post! Inspiring too! Keep writing! :)

    1. Thank you ma'am Rima Reyka for your encouraging comment. I will try my best. Take care.