31 July 2014

♥ Mr. Rajasekharan Pillai

“The best teachers don’t give you the answers; they just point the way and let you make your own choices, your own mistakes, the way you set all the glory. And you deserve it.”  ~ Schuester

I believe we don't meet people by accident but we meet them by story of our own faith and they are meant to take part in our life for awfully special reason. So I thank Sir. God for writing one of the chapters of my life with this especial and unusual person just standing at the left side of this page as if to speak something very inspiring and encouraging.

My two year stay at Chukha Higher Secondary School with Mr. Pillai has been one of the most important turnings of my life for, every moment was enjoyable and productive, listening to his fruit-loaded wisdom and experiencing the simplicity of his life through my own life. The way he spoke always gave us hope and dreams, courage and energy. They way he did always planted the seed of determination in us as everything he did was just perfect for every being , for those who yearn for best driving of life's journey. Driving our togetherness together was awesome and winsome.

Being a councillor of the school, I had full time face-to-face conversation everyday, every moment enjoying the zest that I always used to derive from him as he being a warden.Every time we met for some issues to be discussed, I considered it as an opportunity to steal and extract, words of wisdom from him apart from the main purpose of our meeting. My life had been more challenging after meeting such an unusual man: The Man of his Own Wisdom.

Though I know very much little about his biography, I am happy to be one of his students, indeed one of his councillors who served with whole body and soul for the betterment of school's existence. I am very much eager to share the interesting moments and curious to bring back those memorable memories those we had collected during our camaraderie. Besides, these memories consist of wisdom that we must possess and process, ideas which will make us wonder and ponder and much more to learn the beauty of his life of simplicity;

~ It was on Sunday afternoon gathering when he infused us with  this huge colourful advice, indeed a wisdom when he punished those naughty boys who pierced the weak fence. I would not be able to quote his exact words but I can do in terms of message, he told us that no matter how small the lock is, just know the reason why it is there or no matter how low the fence is, just know that it simply means you are not allowed to cross beyond that. Think what about the world, if every humankind has his way of thinking, if everyone of us has his mind.

~ We have flag poles standing beautifully in front of the hostel and when the time comes we exchange few of the weak wooden poles. During one of days, we discussed about exchanging the poles and when we told him about bringing from forest, he was against us with a message: Forest is the source of our life, it takes time to grow but within a split of seconds we can destroy it. This reminds me of the quotation: "Trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair!". For me forest is trust. He closed our meeting with the words: We need to replace it otherwise we have no rights. Think what about the world, if everyone of us has his mind.

~ Every sunday morning after breakfast, we gather ourselves beside the hostel for the day-preparation. We arrange ourselves and sink in rows and columns, then he would guide us with meditation gradually by posturing and breathing. How relaxed and refreshed we felt with few moments of meditation. Then only he would begin the day with good thoughts for the day. Think what about the world, if every teacher was like him.

~ When we do naughty things he uses no stick to beat, his words are so powerful that they pierce every hearts and get dissolved with no time. Automatically, we get moved and changed. The way he deals with the students, through jokes and smiles wakes us from laziness and crestfallen thoughts.

~ During one of the occasions I was awarded consolation prize of Nu. 1000/- for my essay on "Youth and Sports" as I was ranked top ten in national level. He congratulated me and I felt rather encouraged. He asked me to send half of the prize to my beloved parents which made me to wonder about sending little amount to them was of no use, so I didn't. But now, after reckoning about this I feel that I had missed his inner meaning of adoration and admiration for my parents which could have been sent through the small amount. I feel abashed and ashamed.

~ Every evening during study hours, he makes it mandatory to visit each and every room for check up and the fact was he never missed his evening visit unless he had some problem. Some times he would tell me to visit for his concerns. If he finds students sleeping during study hours he would not hesitate to wake them up and register their names in Record Book where registered ones has to do the social works. Similarly, in the morning he would wake up early and blow the whistle as a indication for us to wake up and he would play bhutanese traditional musics which would make us feel strong and energetic.

~ As said by Benjamin Disraeli, "Cleanliness and order are not the matters of instinct; they are matters of education, and like most great things, you must cultivate a taste for them," cleanliness is his first priority, that's why we had two health captains. Everyday, everything must be up to date; cleaning hostel, toilets and surroundings other wise he would turn wild and scold both the health captains.

~ One of the finest features I found in him was: his wholehearted love and care for plants and flowers. If you happen to visit his place, before you meet him you will meet his bountiful , beautiful guards welcoming you along his doorstep. You will be easily moved by them.

~ His birthday has been celebrating very long time ago as a sign of gratitude and appreciation for his contribution in making thousands of bhutanese students, a real thinkable of its own life. He has been the source of muse and inspiration. So I was lucky for I have got privilege to celebrate his birthday two times.

~ I never found him doleful or dull when the situation forced him, instead he would smile in the midst of misery and stand boldly to solve everything that come ahead him, just like fire that burns everything that come its way.

Spending some part of my time with him has brought me closer in understanding truly the real meaning of life and its basic foundations for the magnificent achievement. It's true that happy people don't have the best of everything, they make the best of everything, a man like him is prized-gifted for all of us who have met and who will be meeting him for all the time to come.

God always bless You, Sir.
My praising prayers are always with you.
With much love and care.

Take care.

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