26 July 2014

I didn't expect from her

"The most precious things in life are not those you get for money." ~ Albert Einstein

Friday, 11 July 2014
It's 5:55 in the morning. Five of us(Ugyen, Yonten, Nityam, Amrita and myself) have reached here at Howrah Train Station, Kolkata just a moment ago and it's just a second that the train has stopped. The air is cool and the morning cooler. We unload our packs hurriedly, one by one, cooperatively. We ask two of the man to carry our bags for our luggage exceed us. The station is filled with thousands of people as ants, busy in their own ways. We head towards the waiting hall. Within several step walks and few minutes we reach there, paying 200/- carrying charge we thank them for their help and support. The hall is filled and crowded.

There is an old woman of neighbourly mid-seventy sitting just the entry point of the hall welcoming and registering the travellers. As soon as we reach there, she asks our train ticket. Amrita shows the ticket and signs. Then she tells us that we have to pay the charge for staying here. We ask her the charge but she doesn't tell pretending that she either didn't hear or is busy with others. Once again we ask, she replies twenty for each and hundred for five of us. Amrita doesn't have change so we decide to give after some time. I sink in one of the chairs. Now it's 6:20 and we have ample of time as our next train will be at 11:45. When is it going to come wonder.

We do wash up and go to have breakfast. The speaker announces the arrival and departure time for trains while people keep going and coming. The workers sweep the floor. I get bored waiting and waiting. The newspaper seller comes, I get one for four and get in it reading every stuffs to fill the gaps of my boredom.

Once again the woman asks the charge, so Yonten goes to pay the charge and when he returns he says that she was covering the money in front of others, and  the fact is I find no one paying the charge apart from us. There must be something wrong. On one hand I feel that she has been doing such thing to those innocence.
The nucleus point is that I didn't feel bad for taking money from us but I felt worst for the character she had. She is near death's door and at this time she must be devoting herself for the wholesome deeds. It's true that money favours no ages. 

I am happy, healthy, wealthy, genius, bold, peaceful, hopeful, self-confident, energetic, enthusiastic and determined. My concentration power is increasing everyday. I can do all the things through the power of my own subconscious mind. God bless one and all.

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