18 January 2016

Bhutanese Student Association (BSA) Warangal, 2016

"God's dream is that you and I and all of us will realize that we are family, that we are made for togetherness, for goodness, and for compassion." ~ Desmond Tutu
It has always been a happy time for all of us to be among our friends we enjoy most. And happier we become when we get to meet our friends when away from home in such a very rare get-together. Bhutanese Student Association (BSA) Warangal had proved to be one such get-together opportune opportunity for everyone of us to happily get involved in Friends Making and Joy Sharing.

BSA Warangal which was aesthetically executed on 15th January 2016, was fabulously, I must say, an action-packed and high-voltage, engrossing and enthralling, fascinating and absorbing, rip-roaring and showstopping, aesthetically designed spree where everyone of us was interestingly engrossed from head to toe, swimming in the limitless sea of enjoyment and merriment. Happiness was being in full togetherness with our friends enjoying the real gist of being together.

The day began as we journeyed towards Celebrity Club, approximately half an hour journey from our place. All were energetic and so curious about the day. Who won't be salivating? When your favorite dish is eagerly waiting for you right under your cute nose. If I was, then I would push the present and drag the time all with my heart on this earth.

Within less than aforementioned time, we reached to our destination. And within no less than a split second we were enthusiastically in the football ground, eagerly waiting for football to take its responsibility. Then when time suited us, the match began. The referee blew the whistle. The soccer began to bounce. The players breezed and clumped and flounced as the soccer bounced here and there trying itself to adjust its direction towards the goalpost with justice and fairness. Unlike people, soccer listens only to the invaluable values; teamwork, cooperation, aptitude, ability, capability and so on. It favors to those who plays well with much concentration and accuracy, hard work and determination.

"I love football not because it's sphere but it's an exact symbol of teamwork, dedication and understanding."

After football, the girls played basketball and everyone of was mesmerized to see so many Michael Jordan in the basketball court beetling and running here and there after the ball, scoring as much less as they could to see who loses the game. My only regret was none of us had got even an autograph from so many Michael Jordan(s). But no worry, we shall always remember your words: I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that's why I succeed.

We knew our stomachs needed to be pampered as always, so heading for the lunch was our first and last decision. Headed to nearby Dhaba and then we all know what really happened. Lesser than hour we returned. Snapped memories. Took rest. Refreshed ourselves. Then played the final in soccer. Soccer favored the team who understood the values and with just declared the winner. It isn't a piece of cake to win everything, one needs sincerity, hard work, determination, optimism, enthusiasm and all other members those come under the roof of Success.

The gist of the day started before crepuscular and as mentioned, every program was programmed majestically with full heart for us to heart them. The dancers and singers, poseurs and talent-possessors were all nice filled with consistent zeal and persistent zest. The inspiring thing for me was they really loved what they were doing. And the awe-inspiring thing was they were really doing the thing they loved. Believe me, Marc Anthony quoth: If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life. In life, people say they feel lazy to work not knowing that there isn't so called 'Work' if done heartily with love and heart.

After program, it was again time for us to pamper our stomachs. So, delicious and mouth-watering dinner was all we had in unison, followed by jam session which most of us enjoy the most because it's only the show without audience, where we get to dance like everything. No matter even if you know not how to dance, you can still dance because nothing watches you except in very rare cases your really special ones eye you. I danced as if none was watching (lol).

There's always a reason to begin because it has an end. Timely, the spree came to an end. And concluded the day with minds and hearts to welcome another, because every ending has a new beginning and the setting sun always promises to rise again with much better and merrier rays to drive all the ways.

As usual as I say always, Gathering is a best platform for every participant to make new friends and know people. So did I. I'm happy now that I've been able make new friends and know more people. We thank family of BSA Warangal for your genuine invitation and for your action-packed spree. It was always a feel-good to happily participate in your BSA.

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