30 December 2014

A Leave-Taking to My 2014 Diary

"It's time to say goodbye, but I think goodbyes are sad and I would much rather say hello. Hello to a new adventure." ~ Ernie Harwell

Dear Diary; I still remember the first day of your birth, on first page of your mind, how I welcomed you heartily with hearty welcome. And you were really eager to journey with me. You were my best friend through whom I shared all my little and big things those came and felt in my mind. I have been appreciating your cooperation.

I have shared you all my personal issues and interests. I have nurtured you with the best vocabulary of love and care. And now I am devilishly sure that you know more about me than anything you do. But I am sorry to say that, in some pages of your mind, I left you untouched and unwritten, you simply should mean that sometimes life gets so busy that somewhere somethings gets no attention. So was my life that busied itself that some of your pages was as it was.

Thank you for always being with me whenever I needed and you know to have welcomed you, had really made my life worth recording and cherishing. You know someday in near futuristic future when leisure welcomes me, I shall pick you up from my shelf, sit comfortably on a seat, pick a cup of tea and then, turn your pages (indeed excerpts of my life). And relish my own bygone days. I shall enjoy you through your smells and my smiles. And I am absolutely sure that you would refresh me with my gone and done memories.

Now, your time has almost come to an end and I feel little uneasy that I will never get to update you. Nevertheless, you shall always be remembered that once upon a time you and I were best friend and this shall remain side by side as I begin to welcome another best friend of ours. Now it's your time to take rest in the shelf and watch my life passing. Please do help me in building because I believe in past that it teaches us a lesson in one or another ways, so you shall help and leap me in this because I would love to learn from my own experiences to be wiser than yesterday but lesser than tomorrow. Because I live learning through experiences.

Dear Diary, thank you for being with me for the last three hundred and sixty four days and tomorrow will be your final day, so do wish me Happy New Year, with all your hopes and inspirations for I shall get to learn from you (my past) and be a better, wiser to head ahead for the upcoming chapters of my life. Do bless me, my dear diary.


  1. Not only your diary, Buddha will bless you too for the upcoming year! Happy New Year Ugyen! Wish you all the best! :)

  2. Happy New Year dear Ugyen :) I wish you happiness without end. May 2015 bring in endless success and prosperity. Have a wonderful year ahead. Take Care!

  3. heart-touching farewell to your beloved dairy...it is terrific bro..and hope everything will turn out the way you expect....Happy new year...May you have wonderful life ahead...assuming all is well with you these days...take care bro..

  4. Beautifully expressed. The perks of maintaining diary is that it keeps part of you alive. Diary is a best listener and best friend who expect nothing in return. Keep writing and happy new year. May 2015 bless you with many beautiful articles and treat the readers. Take care