23 November 2014

Why I prefer Benzene to Tenzin?

"Yesterday is but today's memory, and tomorrow is today's dream." ~ Khalil Gibran

I still remember my first day at my college, how my college friends and teachers had to frown diffidently to pronounce my name, Ugyen Tenzin, which too put me into exhaustion to teach every new friend I met. The story is same for everyone of us. I would feel difficult to pronounce your name, in case if you are from different country and I am devilishly sure that you too will have that toothy grin to answer when for the first time you are introduced to a new foreign friend.

I began to omit Ugyen, from my original edition which toughened my friends in every way. I was only left with Tenzin. Whenever, I met new friends, I just replied Tenzin, and didn't give much attention about their pronunciation. As obvious, they felt the same. Only one from thousand knows my name and gives me the exact pronunciation, at least there is one I am happy.

But very recently, I made up my mind to recast my name Tenzin as Benzene, an organic chemical compound with the molecular formula C6H6 so that they would feel easy and comfortable for they have been familiar with it. Last time, I just told my name as Benzene to one of my friends who after hearing it doubtfully accepted it. He just replied. "You mean Benzene, with formula C6H6?" I nodded. "Yeah, that Benzene with C6H6." The fact is he wasn't familiar with my name but pronunciation gave him a clue to accept it.

Then another friend, who knew my name joined us. They conversed and I could feel that they were talking about my name because I heard them saying, Benzene. Then the one who knew my name asked me. "Your name is Ten-zeeen?"

"No. Now it's Benzene. You can call me Benzene."

He gave me a quizzical look. I gave him a smile from ear to ear, winking at him. Hope he got my mind.

Every time I meet my friends, I just say them that I am Benzene, in this way I can get more confident, especially in terms names. That is, one of the friends challenged me on knowing each others' name. He asked me. "Do you know my name?"

I have been always trying to remember my friends name for the fulfillment of one of the Dale Carnegie's awesome six rules for better relationship but some times, time doesn't suit me, especially in the needed time like just now. His face was familiar but his name was no where to be discovered in my mind. I could take an hour to browse through the pages of my mind to find his name.

Not wanting to sadden him, I mirrored him the same question. "First do you know my name?"

Then, he confidently replied. "Yes. Ten-zeeen."

"No. I am not Tenzin." I badgered him.

"Then, what?" He asked me questioningly, scratching his head as if to offer me a lice.

"My name is Benzene. I am no more Tenzin. When I was Tenzin, I knew your name but now I am Benzene so you have to introduce to me." I said proudly. Indeed, a great white lie, deep in my heart. Ugyen, aren't you going beyond limit? I thought, smilingly. The he went with his last word, Benzene. Now handful of my friends have started calling me Benzene.

The long-awaited inquiry I have been waiting is the question. "What is the significant of your name Benzene?" I am gonna cook up such a story (Lol). I always love joking and feel happy when I am able to bring smiles on their lovable faces.

Hi friends, now I am no more Tenzin who used to update this blog, now you see Benzene will continue this blog (Lol) he he he....

[I take this moment of little time of yours, to thank you for being my weblog readers everyday or one day. Though we may not meet in person, we are always meeting in this blog, in this way I feel blissful and joyful. Thank you, my hearty thankfulness for your inspiring and becoming comments. Keep visiting. Presuming everything is going well everyday with sound in health. You know every moment of life is clothed in uncertainty, so live as if you were to die tomorrow, be good, do good and feel good. May God bless you. My praising prayers, with you, today, always, for eternity. Warm-hearted regards from me. Take Care. {Smile for you}.]


  1. Hi Benzene a.k.a C6H6, wish you a wonderful week ahead! Hope you enjoy your new name but honestly I still prefer Tenzeeeennnn.... It's Bhutanese you know! :P

  2. Benzene Cong rates for having new name in your life. Hop you will have greater fun with your new identity.

  3. hi...bro Benzene...nice substitution indeed. Its nice also....and same thing happens with me too here... My foreign friends and lecturers are really finding hard to say my name-Ugyen. some call me 'Ugish' and some call me'Oogen'..n i feel funny inside..I think I also have to replace my first name like u did.....

  4. Haha...this post provided me with good laughs after day long tedious office works. Hope everything is fine with you bro. Take care