3 November 2014

A Letter From An Open-Hearted Sentient Beings

"What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others." ~ Confucius

During one of the moonlit nights in far-flung futuristic juncture when the humankind sleep, all the animal-kind, though their bodies tethered, their very souls seethe for gathering at dreamlike staggered junction in which they have decided to come together during crepuscular time through intuition and sixth sense. All of them jumble at the locus, eagerly waiting to pour their purposes.

Ah, they are called by God! The Almighty heartily appreciates for their presence and time for making the gathering practicable. Within jiffy, God begins to verbalize his sole first principles for the meeting, "Dear my precious pals, I would love to ask you all this one thing, this priceless thing from prized pals." The precious pals position themselves and begin to listen.

"I am going to write a letter to the humankind through your own souls and you all got to expressly express and ventilate yourself because this is a once-in-a-lifetime window. We don't have much time, come one by one." The Almighty gets hold of pen to pen their feelings while all agreeable animal-kind prepare themselves. Some breezy. Some frenzy.

As their gathering begin to operate, they go one by one, back-to-back as the God begins to write finely. Each is given a limited time.

After much time, the first fruit is mind-blowing and jaw-dropping. The God has written hundred pages. "That's too much," he thinks "if it is then, it's not a letter." He wonders for some time. With little brittle thought in his heart, he makes up with his mind. He turns the crowd and puts, "Listen you all," disturbing the bedlam. The crowd grows in silence. "I have written, hundred pages of your thoughts, and it's too much," he continues, "you all know the nature of humankind, how busy they are at this time and if we send this hundred pages, we won't be able to convey the nucleus of our thoughts." He catches his breath, then continues, "I will summarize this hundred pages into one top-flight letter so that we can easily be fruitful."

At one time, all of them goggle at each other with quizzical looks. Then they gaze at the God. The God smiles. They join his smile. "Thank you for your pleasant presence and I will send the letter to the humankind, you got to see their reaction." Before dawn dawns, they return to their respective bodies. The God arranges all, prioritizing their world views. And finally puts them in a single sliver paper;
Dear Homo sapiens;
Don't be amazed or fazed by this shortish notelet from your precious pals. We already know you and you already know us. We are your friends. We are your helpers and collaborators. Everyday, we help you in many different ways for we are born to live together with compassionate hearts. We feel great to be born on this planet where there are plenty for every one of us and feel much better to have met you all because you are intelligent and brilliant in many ways. Now, you have modernized this world. You have invented machines that can not only equal to our flying but can excel us. You have innovated light bulb. You have discovered the gravity. You know much about E = MC2. You have created wireless connection that can pass the messages for distant place with a split second. You have devised cars that can take to your desirable destination. You know all about diseases and its cure and medicine. In short, you are genius, you know everything. But, to tell the truth, this broken-hearted truth, you think too much and feel very little. You are greedy and rapacious. Though your thinking is in Space Age, your feeling is still in Stone Age. You have grown insatiable and selfish. You are a murderer, butcher, killer, slasher,strangler and poisoner. You think unthinkable thoughts and do undeniable deathly doing. To tell our earth-shattering point, why do you want to kill us and eat us. We are you. We are born to live like you. We have the feelings and sufferings like you. We have families like you. We feel happy and hungry like you. This earth is rich enough to provide us for our need but not for our greed. This earth is fertile enough to quench your thirst and fill your hunger. Please, we beg you, bow to you, please respect our rights for we respect your rights. You know, the pain you give to us is unbearable and insufferable, it's that hard for us to accept it. Try pricking yourself, how do you feel? And please remember, our pain is zillion times greater than the pain you get by pricking. Please feel our tears, our bleat, our baa, our bellow, our bow-wow, our buzz, our caw, our cheep, our croak, our yowl, our honk, our whimper, our howl, our meow, our neigh, our oink, our peep, our quack, our roar, our snarl, our squawk, our squeak, our squeal, our tweet and our every cry. We cannot speak like you and we have only this that comes from the depth of our heart when you hurt it. It simply means that we feel torments and sufferings which are excruciating and gruesome.             
Please be okay with the milk we give and don't take our life. Please be happy with the energy we plow for you and don't put us at slaughterhouse. Please be good with the wool we provide and don't skin us, how do you feel when you are naked? Ours is excruciatingly incomparable, even beyond this. Please be enough with the angora we offer you and don't kill us. Please be satisfied with the eggs we supply, don't garrote us. Please be fulfilled with the feathers, don't off us. Please don't martyr us, don't be crazy, leave your superstitions. Please don't kill us for sports, for fashions, for clothing, for food, for science and education. Don't exploit us for entertainments. We didn't come here for you all but for our own. You have no rights to take our lives but we welcome your loving compassionate hearts for you are superior than us and guide us for happiness. Please keep in mind that one day or other, all of us have to leave this earth by hook or by crook and our presence would be a very negligible part of this so call Infinity Time. You can gain nothing by killing but the probability to get pain is neighborly 101% when the time comes. We know nothing about after death life but apparently we are certain about the hell and heaven. Either choosing merit or evil will decide you after death life. Be wise in your choices, be cool about your adoption and they will follow you as your own shadows. Over and above, think mindfully, feel heat-fully and act zealously in you limited time before it's too late.
Eventually, we know you have no much time and so we? Time elapses within no time and you got to cogitate about our letter because there are two battles all of us, we got to fight. The battle at Life and The battle at Death, which are very much interrelated. The battle is nature's and the victory or defeat is yours. If you win, you win, if you lose, you lose.
Thank you for your time and patience. Looking forward to see you everyday clothed in warm-hearted and tender-hearted compassion. With much love and care. Take Care.                                                                        
On behalf of all the animal-kind, we sign against our names with much expectations and optimism from you, dear humankind. Yours Faithfully (What you don't want to do onto you, don't do to others);

The very next day, the letter is found on the doorstep of the world and his wife of the earth, that surprises and they read the letter unknowingly. It becomes astounding when they discover the messages in the letter. All of them broach about the letter, some times making them to be in a dreamy world. The letter bewilders and boggles them as they react with quizzical glances asking to one another for the origin of the letter.

Now, the world wonders and ponders not about the existence of letter but the messages it is clothed in.

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  1. Ugyen Sir, what a fantastic letter that you have jotted down here. But luckily I have no regrets after reading your post since I had already turned as a vegetarian before few years back. Really enjoyed reading your fabulous massage sir.