20 August 2014

The Widow's Surrounding

"Being a single parent on a part-time basis is tricky to navigate. That is what a racing widow has to do." ~ Aly Grady

Her husband died not very long ago,
her tearful eyes remained for days,
her unconscious body laid for weeks,
her soulless soul slept for months,
she couldn't bear his death.
Was it a dream? Or a lie?
She thought,
though thoughtless at that moment,
the cries of her children was real
the whispering of her heart was true
the feelings of death was actual.
Desperately, poor widow she became
reluctantly willing to accept the faith.
Now she has lives to be fed,
lives to be reared and cared.
All her hopes have flew away
all her dreams have flown away
all her futures have gone away
very far away,
far away from her heart.
She is unseen to her future
all she knows is untold sufferings
and unfold melancholy,
those lay ahead every step she will.
Her paddies aren't green
and her surrounding unclean.
Her fields are weed-crowded
and her soul needs weeding.
During sun she faces boiling heat
and during rain, toiling cold.
Even when dawn turns to dusk
and dusk to dawn to day
her exhausted body exists eternally
and her soul always yearning for the rest.
May Almighty God bless her.

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